As many know, every good 1920s gangster costume requires various accessories to make it more detailed and believable. So if you are planning on dressing up as a mobster or bootlegger for your next Halloween event or theme party, then you definitely want to check out our fantastic collection of gangster accessories. We have a wide array of items that will bring you right back to the Roaring 20s and have your friends worried about getting whacked.

A typical 20s gangster is often depicted as wearing a pinstriped suit with a fedora and sometimes even a vest. The colors of the suit, shirt, and tie are usually mixtures of white and black, mostly because color wasn't invented until the 30s (look it up). Gangsters from the 1920s also smoke jumbo cigars and tote their Tommy guns in discreet cases, such as briefcases and violin cases. If you have never heard of spats, then that's probably a good thing, but you should be aware of their existence. Spats are accessories for your footwear that cover the ankle and the instep, and they were commonly worn over the shoes and under the lower pant legs.

Now that you have an idea as to what a 1920s gangster looks like, you can design the perfect mobster costume by using some of these accessories. Browse through our 1920s gangster costumes first, and then add on to your outfit with accessories such as a necktie, a fake cigar, a fedora, a Tommy gun, and maybe even a violin case to conceal it.

Just don't get into too much trouble when you feature these items in your wardrobe!

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