Flesh and Blood

If you want to assemble the perfect outfit for your next Halloween event, theme party, or horror production, then you have come to the right place. Take a look through our awesome collection of flesh and blood accessories and purchase some items that will help make your character more realistically injured or murdered. We have a wide variety of flesh and blood items that will definitely make your friends or audience scream. Just be sure to tell everybody that it's all fake afterward.

Flesh and Blood - 1 Oz Tube Living Nightmare Blood

1 Oz Tube Living Nightmare Blood

Our Price: $1.97
Out of Stock
Flesh and Blood - Chilling Severed Finger Necklace

Chilling Severed Finger Necklace

Our Price: $9.99
Out of Stock
Flesh and Blood - Gothic Vial of Blood

Gothic Vial of Blood

Our Price: $0.99
Out of Stock
Flesh and Blood - Blood Gel Theatrical Effects

Blood Gel Theatrical Effects

Our Price: $5.99
Out of Stock

Realistic wounds and blood makeup can combine to make a movie or play an amazing experience for the audience. Similarly, unrealistic wounds and blood makeup can have the opposite effect. If the audience doesn't find the danger believable, then they aren't going to be afraid of anything in the production. And if they are not afraid, then what's the point of a horror movie or play? If you really want to scare people's socks off, then you need to find the right flesh and blood accessories for your purpose. Whether you are filming an amateur horror flick, putting on a frightening production for Halloween, attending a theme party, or simply trick-or-treating around the neighborhood, a realistic set of wounds and fake blood can make or break your costume.

Many characters require some type of fake blood or wound makeup. Some of the most common characters include vampires and zombies – as seen in television shows and movies such as True Blood, The Twilight Saga, The Walking Dead, and World War Z.

So make your character realistic and get some of these flesh and blood accessories today!

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