Top off your Halloween costume with our Eyewear and Sunglasses. There are all sorts of eyeglasses and props that can be used to match any outfit. From groovy decade styles to fictional characters and from pirates to rock stars, there are many different glasses. Our glasses props are typically made from plain glass without magnification so they can be worn by anyone.

Colorful sunglasses can take on all kinds of forms. Novelty glasses like nerd specs, dollar and peace signs, or heart shapes can create a fun theme look. Some sunglasses feature bizarre shapes like bug-eye lenses, St. Patty's Day shamrocks, and zombie eyes. For decade styles, look to round 70s round glasses, flower rims, or turtleshell 50s styles. Rhinestones on the edge of fifties starlet glasses are a fun way to brighten up a decade look. Plain glasses are sometimes needed to complete a classic look like Santa Claus, founding fathers, or geeks.

There are far more interesting styles of eyewear than simple spectacles. Eye patch and monocle designs are great for pirate swashbucklers and Hollywood hot shots. Buccaneer outfits can typically be matched to simple eye patches, but there are plenty of elaborate styles covered in Jolly Roger prints or faux gems that can help brighten up your sailor look. Monocles and goggles can be a fun addition to steampunk or Victorian gentleman outfits. For a rock star style, look for shapes like stars, skulls, and aviator glasses.

Brighten up your Halloween costume look with fun eyeglass and eyewear like sunglasses, goggles, masks, and goofy novelty lenses.

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