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Halloween costumes are just one part of your Halloween party setup. You can create a gorgeous holiday look with our Decorations and Prop Accessories. Basic party decorations include classic themes like witches, bats, cats, skeletons, and other scary props. Spider webs covered with plastic spiders, cauldrons full of candy, or colored lights can help create an eerie style at your event. More spooky looks include lanterns, fog machines, and ghostly hanging figures. Dangling props can add an extra creepy look for your event. Hang items like spiders and bats from the ceiling or find motion activated props that will drop down and surprise your guests. Skulls and bones are another popular prop theme. Garland and lights with a Skelton theme can help create a scary look at your party. Snacks are an important part of any fun event. Add Halloween tableware like skull goblets, silver platters, and other Gothic theme cups and plates to complete your party planning.

There are a few unorthodox looks you can use as part of your Halloween decor. A deranged science laboratory or haunted warehouse will mix up the look of your home or backyard. Look for fake body pieces, blood, and caution tape to create a creepy mad science lab. A vampire lair is another fun theme look you can create with the right props. Add Celtic crosses, gravestones, and fake blood to create a vampiric style. If you want to add some pizazz to the outside of your party space with yard decorations like reaching skeleton arms, clawing zombies, tombstones, and trailing chains.

Add some scares to your party setup or costume with our Halloween decorations, accessories, and props.

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