Suit up for the holiday season in our Christmas Accessories. Christmas costumes can include Santa, elves, reindeer, and angels. You can go all out with a full outfit or add a few seasonal props here and there to top off a cute ensemble. Look for headbands, boots, stomach pads, and hats to help you create the exact look you want.

Christmas - Screen Printed Santa Toy Bag

Screen Printed Santa Toy Bag

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Christmas - Adult Christmas Striped Tights

Adult Christmas Striped Tights

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Christmas - Adult Santa Buckled Belt

Adult Santa Buckled Belt

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Christmas - Santa Claus Accessory Kit

Santa Claus Accessory Kit

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Christmas - Frosty the Snowman Face Mask

Frosty the Snowman Face Mask

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Santa Claus suits are one of the most popular picks for Christmas costumes. You can finish your jolly design with the signature accessories that make this mascot look just right. Add items like white gloves, glasses, a stocking hat, and a beard and wig set to get the perfect Old St. Nick style. Fur lined boots and a bag for presents can also create a fun holiday ensemble. Create an elf of Mrs. Claus look with more festive red and green accessories like an elf hat, striped leggings, or jumbo candy cane props. Santa and his helpers might be a popular pick for charity events and community celebrations, but you can also celebrate the religious side of the holiday with nativity costumes like Joseph, Mary, and the three wisemen. Take your look back to the biblical era with full beards, shepherd hooks, and headdresses that were worn in that era.

Christmas is a wonderful holiday that has been adopted into the secular realm as well as religious one. During the holiday season, streets are lined with lights and bright colors, famous characters brighten up store fronts, and snow falls on rooftops. The Christian side of the holiday tells of Jesus' birth and the journey of the three wisemen. Nativity scenes often show animals, Mary, Joseph, and other biblical characters that make up the Christmas story.

Whether you are looking to celebrate your religion or are simply looking forward to time with family and friends, a few Christmas accessories and makeup kits can help you celebrate the holiday season in style.

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