Strut your stuff at your next Halloween party with our Women's Boot Accessories. There are plenty of different styles of shoes that are suited to specific theme costumes. Boots are a special form of footwear that extends up the leg to give you a stunning look. Many styles of boot end at the ankle, calf, or knee for varying looks. The type of material can also point toward certain characters or styles. For a sexier look, opt for high heel boots or lace-up designs. Leather and metallic designs create very different looks, so keep this in mind when choosing your shoes.

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Boots-Women - HQ Ref Women's Boot

HQ Ref Women's Boot

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Boots-Women - Women's Indian Boot

Women's Indian Boot

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Certain costume themes can be matched to specific boot cuts. Many pirate boots feature a flipped cuff. A ruffle along the cuff can help signify a Renaissance style that is great for wenches and swashbucklers. More colorful designs are great choices for superheroes, dancers, and decade styles like hippie chick ensembles. Leather boots and sandals are perfect for Indians, warriors, Greek goddesses, and Viking looks. A bit of fringe or straps help add to the ancient Egyptian or barbarian look you are crafting for your next big event.

Boots are a great investment, and many styles can be worn over and over with similar outfits. If you would rather get a more versatile option, use boot covers that slip over shoes you already own to transform any pair of footwear into the perfect fit for your ensemble.

Walk, skip and run to snag your favorite pair of women's boots for your next costume party!

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