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Growing your own facial hair can be quite a feat, but you can avoid the hard work with our Beard and Mustache Accessories kits. Many beard and mustache sets feature fun styles that would-be hard to grow out on your own. There are handlebars, fu manchus, English twists, pencil, and Dali styles which can change any ensemble drastically. Many beard and wig sets attach with an adhesive backing. Be sure to follow any instructions on your mustache kit to get the look you want.

Beard & Moustache - Novelty Masked Bandit Mustache

Novelty Masked Bandit Mustache

Our Price: $2.97
In Stock
Beard & Moustache - Biker Black Mustache

Biker Black Mustache

Our Price: $3.97
Out of Stock
Beard & Moustache - English Gent Brown Moustache

English Gent Brown Moustache

Our Price: $2.97
Out of Stock
Beard & Moustache - Goatee Brown

Goatee Brown

Our Price: $4.97
Out of Stock
Beard & Moustache - Six Way Mustache Gray

Six Way Mustache Gray

Our Price: $2.97
Out of Stock
Beard & Moustache - Thrones Adult Character Beard

Thrones Adult Character Beard

Our Price: $9.99
Out of Stock

There are plenty of famous characters who sport impressive facial hair. Beards and mustaches are their signature style, and they would not look the same without it! Historical costumes like Abe Lincoln, biblical characters, and colonial figures wear full beards. Santa Claus looks would be a joke without a full curly beard! Pirates and cowboys look great with a goatee or mustache set. The type of mustache you choose can say a lot about your character. There are vast differences between a handlebar and a Fu Manchu style, and knowing the difference can make a big difference in your Halloween look. Change up your lip fur depending on the theme of your men's costume. Western outlaws, steampunk gentlemen, bikers, and hippies will all look wonderful with the addition of the perfect facial hair. Our packs of multiple mustaches offer up a bunch of different styles so you can fit your facial hair to your ensemble.

Complete your any look from distinguished scholar to rugged pirate with our beard and mustache kits.

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