Put together a heavenly Halloween look with our Angel Accessories and Makeup. Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, you can still create a spectacular angel outfit to brighten up your next dress-up event. Picking out thematic heaven accessories like a trumpet, harp, halo, or feather wings is the perfect way to start off your ensemble. Angel wings are the most important prop in making an angelic look. Angels aren't the only magical beings you can pick out for Halloween. Flaunt your naughty side with our devil accessories and makeup kits. Demon props can include a pitchfork, horn headbands, tails, and red high heel shoes.

Angel/Devil - Venetian Devil Mask

Venetian Devil Mask

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Angel/Devil - Eyelashes for Angel

Eyelashes for Angel

Our Price: $3.97
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Angel/Devil - Red Devil Kit

Red Devil Kit

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Angel/Devil - Sexy Adult Black Feather Up Wings

Sexy Adult Black Feather Up Wings

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Angel/Devil - Sexy Adult White Feather Up Wings

Sexy Adult White Feather Up Wings

Our Price: $16.99
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When it comes to cosmetics, look for wigs and face paint kits that match a feathery angel theme. White feather fake eyelashes, gold makeup, and blonde wigs will help create a heavenly look. For devils and demons, find items like red face paint, prosthetic horns, and fake mustache sets for a sinister style. Angels are often thought to be an incarnation of beauty and love. In Christian theology, these winged creatures are the messengers of god and are locked in a battle against the demons of Hell. Sometimes angels can be fierce and fiery avengers. In other stories, they are shown to have immense grace and kindness. It is completely up to you to choose which personality you will display when you dress up. In modern media, angels are often shown as robed figures. They are often on a mission from heaven or acting as guardian angels.

Flutter into your next party in a heavenly angel costume topped off with angel and devil accessories and makeup.

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