If you are creating a totally rad Halloween outfit, you need to include our 1980's accessories. The decade was full of big hair, neon colors, off-the-shoulder tops, lace accessories, leg warmers and more and we carry all these in our 80's costumes and accessories sections. Our selections reflect the richness of the era and we have a large variety of items.

Woman had a range of fashion choices in the 1980s, most of which evolved from the music scene. Madonna's street urchin look was influential. A typical outfit would include lace tops and miniskirts, both available in our costume sections, as well as leggings or fishnet stockings, lace ribbons and headbands, multiple bracelets, fishnet fingerless gloves and beads, which are all available right here in our accessories section. Cyndi Lauper's style was more colorful, including her bright hair, bright makeup and colorful billowy skirts. She was also a fan of beads and bracelets and large jewelry, available here as well. Other fashionable items sold here include leg warmers, neon mesh shirts and T-shirt clips.

For men, the Miami Vice look, t-shirts under pastel colored suit jackets, was all the rage as was the preppy look. Some men preferred heavy metal styles while still others preferred a rapper/ hip-hop look. For these men, we have guitars, faux ghetto blasters and jewelry.

We have too many selections to list them all here. Browse through this section and you will find accessories to complement your outfit.

Get into the groove this Halloween with our 1980s accessories.

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