The 1960s was a decade heavily populated by youth as the baby boomers became teens and adults. Celebrate this era of change by wearing a 1960's costume accessories. The era began with a handsome, young president telling Americans to ask what they could do for their country. As the decade progressed, it became the Radical 60s with the civil rights, feminist and anti-war movements. This influential decade is often the theme for many school dances as well as monumental birthday parties, such as a 50th birthday.

The youth of America began to revolt against the conservative values of the 1950s and the country's involvement in Vietnam. They created a counterculture, which demanded an end to war as well as more rights for women and minorities. Hippie fashion, which was loose fitting, comfortable clothes with colorful tie-dye or psychedelic patterns, was the style of the counterculture. Our hippie accessories include peace symbol jewelry and eyeglasses, tambourines, purses and makeup kits.

Another fashion of the 60s was the mod or Go-Go style, which included miniskirts or dresses, available in our women's and teen's sections, and Go-Go boots, available in our accessories department. Different music genres emerged during this time as well. Elvis was back from the army and on top again. The clean cut Beatles invaded America in 1964, but by the end of the decade, they wore long hippie beards and wrote drug-influenced songs.

Look groovy in our nineteen sixties accessories this Halloween.

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