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Accents for October 31st are designed to enhance the overall appearance and believability of your costume. These are the painstaking additions that trick people into thinking you are from a world unlike our own, where vampires and werewolves mingle over cups of blood in local cafes. Plus, what is a witch without her broom, or a warlock without his wand? To fully capture your look, you need the appropriate All Hallows' Eve accents.

Costume accents drastically change the way a costume looks. For example, to add a vicious touch to any costume, throw a pair of fangs in your mouth. Honestly, there is nothing more terrifying than a vampire fanged butterfly. On the other hand, you could keep the continuity flowing and snag a wand for that butterfly outfit, giving it a touch of Tooth Fairy. Our October 31st goodies give you the ability to fully customize your holiday experience.

Once you have that perfect accent for your costume, it is time to move onto the facial additions. All Hallows' Eve is about becoming someone - or something - other than your usual self, so utilize this chance and maximize your overall transformation. With our help, you can add some facial hair, change your nose or ears, get a new set of teeth, or find that perfect wig. But, do not forget about our especially spectacular spectacles, which may be the perfect addition to your new face.

So, now you have your outfit and facial accents, what else could you need? Costume makeup, of course! This is the final frontier of your full assimilation into this hallow night of tricks and treats. With the proper attention to detail, makeup can take your costume accents one step further into the realm of disbelief and fantasy.

Every accessory we have to offer is designed to help you enhance your enjoyment of this uniquely special holiday. Simply take the time to peruse through our section of accents and goodies for that ideal addition you have been craving.

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