It will not be your blood that is spilled on the sands this Halloween. Come out of the night as the most feared and heroic warrior, and wear one of our gladiator costumes. Everyone in the arena will rise to their feet and roar with excitement when you are slaying any fighter the Romans put in front of you. Being a gladiator is a win or die game, so only the toughest can play. Show you have what it takes, and dress up in one of these outfits.

Gladiator Costumes - Roman Gladiator Costume for Men

Roman Gladiator Costume for Men

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We have warrior designs for men and women alike. Men can be a muscular fighter who makes everyone in his path quiver, and women can be the sexy soldier who conquers Rome with ease. Pretend you are any number of famous gladiators of the past, or even ones made popular through movies. You can go to your party as Russell Crowe's Maximus Meridius or imagine yourself as Spartacus, one of the most storied gladiators in all of history. Are you man enough to have an undefeated record and lead the slave revolt?

Don't skip any steps with your Halloween look. We also have gladiator accessories that will help you finish off your costume. Buy a pair of Roman sandals so the blood splattered on the sands doesn't get on your feet. If you're going to do battle you'll need a sword and a shield, and you can find highly detailed ones here. Fight for your freedom this Halloween, and put on one of our unique and affordable gladiator costumes.

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