There's nothing that fits the spirit of Halloween more than a ghost costume, but these aren't just white sheets with holes cut out, designs. Our ghost outfits are fantastic designs to maximize your scariness. Along with costumes, you'll find terrifying decorations for your house and lawn, and great accessories to make your look even more frightening. From famous ghost characters like the Ghostbusters to completely original haunted spirit designs, you won't leave the site without chills up your spine.

Ghost Costumes - 31 Piece Deluxe Graveyard Assortment Kit

31 Piece Deluxe Graveyard Assortment Kit

Our Price: $39.97
Out of Stock
Ghost Costumes - Men's Scrooge Nightshirt

Men's Scrooge Nightshirt

Our Price: $17.99
Out of Stock
Ghost Costumes - Pumpkin Scarecrow Ghost and Noose

Pumpkin Scarecrow Ghost and Noose

Our Price: $59.99
Out of Stock
Ghost Costumes - Animated Aristocrat Corpse Prop

Animated Aristocrat Corpse Prop

Our Price: $182.99
Out of Stock

We have outfits for men, women, and children alike. Be the elegant dead lately from the 18th century, who curses her house for anyone who tries to move in. Boys will love our giant marshmallow ghost outfit from Ghostbusters. Men, take it back to when you were a child and Beetlejuice was a hilarious Halloween movie, with our Beetlejuice costumes. From sexy to scary, the big screen to your imagination, we have the spooky ghost costumes that will put you in the freaked out Halloween mood.

Once you have your costume it is time to decorate. Our killer ghost props will have your neighbors running passed your house every time they have to walk by. Cast a dark shadow over your neighborhood with the elaborate spirit designs that we've made for the sole purpose of making people shake with fear. If you're throwing a Halloween party it is your job to scare the wits out of all your guests. People will be talking about your event for years to come when your property is covered with evil props and decorations.

Fulfill all your ghost fantasies here, and buy one of our ghost products, from our vast collection.

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