Humor can be found in several different ways and from several different themes, both generic and licensed, so we've compiled a large collection of costumes that meet the demands of gut-busting fun. The Funny Costumes section features all you'll need to ensure that your friends and family reel over in laughter. The next Halloween party you attend will be one of the most entertaining ones.

Humorous Costumes come in various ages and sizes, so you can get everyone in the family to join along in a good laugh. Teens and infants, boys and girls, and men and women can dress up in silly outfits like Angry Birds jumpsuits, crayons, food items, and lots of others. You know your friends and family best, so getting the right costume to make them laugh won't be too difficult to accomplish with the variety we have available.

Outfits aren't everything when it comes to putting together a funny costume for Halloween, and so we've also included several silly accessories, wigs, and hats to help make your efforts even more successful. Wigs range from silly bowl cuts from the '60s to the wild and wacky curls sported by most people during the '80s. Accessories like inflatable items, large glasses, and disco chains also help to make comic gold.

Humorous costumes vary in their effectiveness depending on what types of things the people you know find funny. You'll have a ball putting together the right act to add some laughs to the spookiest night of the year.

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