Friday The 13Th

If you were to put up a sign on your home that read "Camp Crystal Lake," you can be sure that those familiar with this horror franchise would not dare attempt to enter your home under any circumstances. The Friday the 13th Costumes feature the antagonist of Jason Voorhees, who is a serial killer with lots of power. Jason was influenced by his mother to conduct crimes and his weapon of choice is often a large machete.

Friday the 13th Costumes - Friday the 13th Pick Axe

Friday the 13th Pick Axe

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Friday the 13th Costumes - Jason Mask

Jason Mask

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Friday the 13th Costumes - Jason Voorhees Latex Sack Mask

Jason Voorhees Latex Sack Mask

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The costumes featured in this selection come with outfits that are torn up and worn and work well in making your look frightening. You could always use something from your own wardrobe, too, as the items available from this themed collection allow you to purchase the mask alone. The Jason mask is a hockey goalie mask with a sinister appeal that's persisted for a generation. Accessories are also included in this collection. Anything and everything associated with Jason Voorhees is up for grabs. If you'd like to take your role to a frightening realism, try picking up a novelty machete and other weapons Jason is known to have used at one point in one of the Friday the 13th films.

Slasher movies are still popular to this day, and many people are still petrified by the acts they've seen Jason commit on the big screen. The Friday the 13th costumes will be a great collection to browse through and choose from for your dastardly Halloween fun.

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