You'll feel like a newly risen monster when you put on any one of our outfits from the Frankenstein Costumes collection. You'll look like you're comprised of multiple parts that have been put together by a mad scientist. This classic horror character is a staple of Halloween, so prepare yourself to scare others this holiday season with your stiff movement and hulking size.

Anyone can get into the role of the Frankenstein monster, including children. This collection of costumes features outfits in small sizes that feature jumpsuits and headpieces. Adult costumes are just as detailed and interesting so that your own portrayal is up to par with your child's. The entire family can get dressed up as a scientific experiment and get run out of town by pitchfork-wielding inhabitants.

Other than costumes, we also offer several assorted accessories to make your costumed experience more professional and fun. Makeup effects are difficult to do when you're not familiar with them, but when they work, they work well. Assorted green makeup tubs are yours for the choosing in order to make your complexion the right shade of green. Additionally, masks, boots, gloves, and several other garment accessories may be added to the costume order to make your monster more stylish.

Classic monsters from fiction have been around for over a century and don't look like they're losing any steam in the Halloween tradition. Browse through the Frankenstein theme for all things electrifying.

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