Get back into training camp and show other costumers what it's like to be a champion. The Football Costumes come in a variety of styles that will suit all ages. These outfits feature jerseys from favorite teams and tons of gear to make one look ready to score a touchdown. This Halloween will be your Super Bowl to prove yourself. Children's costumes have a new kind of outfit that will excite all boys who play the game. The uniform sets we feature come with a novelty helmet, jersey, pants, chin strap, shoulder pads, and iron-on jersey numbers. Your child can pretend to be one of their favorite players from their favorite team.

The New York Giants, Dallas Cowboys, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Miami Dolphins are just a handful of teams available in this collection of life-like uniforms. Other outfits are designed for adults to wear during Halloween parties and while tailgating at games. Women's outfits come in sexy cheerleader form so that they may show their support for the team and the game. These costumes general include short skirts and pom poms. Other outfits featured are mascot jumpsuits in various animal forms. These would be great for local games.

The love of the game is the most important aspect of football, and there's a lot to love with these costumes. Football outfits may be worn all season long and to games, making them a great bargain.

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