Your daily requirement of essential vitamins and minerals will blast up to a week's worth in a single night when you dress up in one of our delicious, albeit not edible, Food Costumes. All your favorite snacks and healthy foods are available in convenient costume form so that you can express your love for these items in a silly way. Other partygoers will get a great laugh out of seeing you in one of these costumes.

If you miss summertime and grilling, then dress up as some of your favorite foods during the hot season. Hotdog and burger costumes are one of our most popular choices and always produce the inescapable result of making others hungry. You'll singlehandedly provide a 24-hour food truck or restaurant a jump in business thanks to your toasted buns and char-grilled meats. After eating so well, a nice cool beverage would hit the spot just right. How about a nice can of Coke to refresh you and get you wired to dance some more? You'll look like an aluminum wonder dressed in this outfit based off the design of a typical can. If you're more interested in satisfying your sweet tooth, a candy bar costume would work well.

Eating is a primary need and one of the best ways to pass the time. Food costumes are humorous and fun outfits to wear that aren't spooky and scary like the kinds of costumes other partygoers will be wearing.

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