Family Guy

If you believe your family is dysfunctional and could do with a little more craziness, then how about dressing yourselves up as one of the most quirky television families around? The Family Guy Costumes present the Rhode Island natives as you've never seen them before: real world 3D. These characters feature unique personalities and will be popular on Halloween.

The advantage of dressing up as these characters is that the costumes are not difficult to put together. Getting Peter Griffin's laugh or Chris's voice sounding right is far more of a challenge by comparison. Get your family and friends together and have everyone choose a role. You all will surely be one of the most popular, themed characters present at the next party you attend. One of the best selling characters among the entire Griffin family is Brian. This family pet is a hard talking intellectual who often mentors Peter on the bad decisions he makes yet he still manages to wet the rug from time to time. The costumes feature masks and bodysuits that will make you look like a human-sized version of the bipedal dog with a love of martinis.

Few shows celebrate the kind of success that Family Guy has, and so it is almost impossible that you'll run into someone who isn't aware of the costume theme you and your friends will be wearing.

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