Capture the magic and spirit of the fairies with one of our fun Fairy Costumes These mythical creatures of folklore are tiny, winged magical beings who often help out heroes and heroines on adventures in fairy tales. Pixies and woodland fairies are a staple in folklore and fantasy and always bring a smile to a child's face when they appear in tales. These enchanting imaginations make a fantastic character to dress up as on Halloween, especially for little girls. Our fairy ensembles are bright, colorful, and cute. Dress up as Tinkerbell, a Fairy Godmother, or any other tall tale's pixie for a fun and eye catching costume choice.

In almost every children's story there are pixies and fairies helping out with their magic, that's why they're called fairy tales! Little girls, teens, and adults alike can all have fun dressing up in a cute and colorful fairy ensemble. This category is very extensive and we have provided you with a lot of different varieties and styles to choose from. We have specific character fairy costumes like Tinkerbell outfits and modernly stylized pixie choices like a rebel fairy or a goth fairy. We also carry sexy fairy ensembles for women that are really provocative and quite enchanting. For young girls, we have an absolutely huge collection of pixie outfits so you can pick the style and color that's perfect for you. Don't forget to browse through accessories and props, since fairies almost always have magic wands. We also sell fairy ear extenders, sparkling slippers, and attachable wings.

Have a magical Halloween this year and go out trick or treating or partying as a pixie. These bright and fun costumes all feature that magical charm that pixies posses. Browse through this fun collection and pick out the perfect pixie ensemble for yourself today!

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