Who doesn't love Elmo? Quite possibly the most popular character on Sesame Street, this fuzzy red creature has endeared itself to audiences for generations. Kids still love Elmo today and almost every adult has nice memories of watching him on television as a child. This lovable and goofy Muppet always has a lesson to teach, but he always makes sure you have some fun along the way. All of these reasons are why we love Elmo and why he's such a fun character. Dressing up in one of our fuzzy Elmo Costumes is such a great idea for Halloween. Browse through this fun collection for kids as well as adults and pick out your favorite today!

Elmo Costumes - Elmo Sesame Street Tween Costume

Elmo Sesame Street Tween Costume

Our Price: $32.99
In Stock
Elmo Costumes - Toddler Elmo Light Up Costume

Toddler Elmo Light Up Costume

Our Price: $47.69
In Stock
Elmo Costumes - Big and Hat Elmo Set

Big and Hat Elmo Set

Our Price: $8.99
In Stock
Elmo Costumes - Sesame Street Elmo Adult Headband

Sesame Street Elmo Adult Headband

Our Price: $9.99
In Stock

Choosing a familiar and recognizable character is always a blast and everyone knows Elmo! His wacky, red fuzzy appearance makes him an eye catching character to play as well and it'll be easy to stand out when you're so bright and colorful. We have a wide variety of Elmo ensembles, for both kids and adults. We offer some especially adorable outfits for infants and toddlers, including plush onesie jumpsuits with a character hood and a fun bib and hat set for a baby. For girls, teens, and adult women we offer some fun and flirty skirt based Elmo ensembles that are bright and engaging. We also sell a fuzzy Elmo jumpsuit for adult men who are feeling a little nostalgic on Halloween time or want to dress up in something fun and friendly if they are taking out their little kid trick or treating. We even offer a cute little Elmo themed headband for a simple additional piece.

You can't get any more adorable than Elmo is and its a lot of fun to dress up like a popular character. Stand out apart from the spooky ghosts and goblins this year and dress up as a friendly face this Halloween. Browse through our collection of fun Adults and Kids Elmo Halloween Costumes and select your favorite today!

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