Be a powerful Pharaoh or a Queen of the Nile with one of our fantastic Egyptian Costumes. Egyptian themed ensembles are always a popular choice and a highlight at Halloween parties everywhere. These outfits are visually engaging, bright, and fun to wear, with eye catching headdresses and a unique style. Our collection in this genre is quite extensive and we offer some really fun costume ideas. Women can be a vision in gold as Cleopatra and we offer a ton of fun Pharaoh outfits. Search through our supply of Egyptian ensembles and select your favorite today.

Ancient Egyptian themed outfits are great because they are so eye catching and involved. These detailed pieces always feature bright gold and uniquely patterned and styled pieces. You will certainly stand out at any Halloween party you attend wearing one of these great outfits. There is also a ton of variety within this genre so there is something for everyone. There is an extensive amount of costumes you can choose from, but the key to the Ancient Egyptian look is accessorizing with some of our accent pieces. We offer Ancient Egyptian styled necklaces, armbands, earrings, and headpieces that can make you look like an ancient ruler. Most of our outfits are tunic or dress based, but its the adorned jewelry and focal points that makes each one unique. Nothing stands out like a bright, gold Pharaoh headdress, which makes an Ancient Egypt themed outfit so much fun. Whether you intend to dress up like a specific historical figure, like King Tut or Cleopatra, or just a Pharaoh in general, we can get you the perfect look you want this Halloween.

Once you select your outfit, don't forget to browse through our accessories and add on ideas so you can really get the complete ensemble. Browse through this fun category and order the perfect ensemble for you.

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