Did you always imagine yourself as John Wayne? Or perhaps you were partial to Roy Rogers? Either way, we have a Cowboy Halloween Costume to suit your style. These days, it's not just boys who can be a cowboy, infants, toddlers, boys, girls, teens, men and women can all dress as cowhands as well. We have outfits that can fit any age and any style, including sexy garb and standard and plus size outfits for adults.

Men can dress as a Wild West bartender, gunslinger, cowhand or renegade. Women can be gunslingers too as well as saloon girls, Annie Oakley or a rodeo queen. Women can also choose from our sexy costumes and dress as a seductive cowgirl, sensual sheriff and more. Girls can be rodeo stars and cowhands and boys can be a Wild West renegade or sheriff. Our licensed items include Toy Story's Woody and Jesse outfits. These endearing characters are toys that come to life and go on adventures that thrilled children and adults alike.

North American cowboys take care of cattle on ranches, mostly in the Western or Southwestern U.S. In the old west, large numbers of cattle were left to graze on open land and the cowboy were responsible for keeping track of the herd. Each spring they would roundup the cattle to sort out animals ready for sale and to brand the young calves. Cowboy traditions were spread to the rest of the country by Wild West shows popular in the late 1800s and early 1900s. With the advent of movies, and later TV, westerns became popular forms of entertainment.

So put on a cowboy costume this Halloween and head out for wild open country.

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