Fight the law in one of our Convict costumes. You can be the bad guy in black and white stripes or the bad girl in orange. Of course you're a law abiding citizen who would never commit a crime, but dressing up for a costume or Halloween party means you can role play a little and be something you're not. Besides, even though you're the criminal, you're still setting a good example. After all, you're a convict and that means you were caught.

Be an old fashion inmate with classic black and white horizontal stripes. Wear some prop shackles or even a ball on a chain attached to your ankle. You'll look like a convict from 100 years ago. Carry a toy sledge hammer to be someone on a chain gang. Inmates these days wear orange, and we have plenty of costumes like that. There are one piece jumpsuits and some with a top and pants. Many have stenciling on them like the real thing, although there are humorous variations if you're not the serious type. There are cuffs and shackles and you could even wear a Hannibal Lecter style face mask for a really freaky look.

Convict costumes inspire a natural couple's set. One person can dress like an inmate and the other like a police officer. There are all kinds of law enforcement officer costumes to choose from, including bounty hunter outfits, police or SWAT uniforms, or plainclothes detective accessories. You can be on the run or recently caught.

Playing cops and robbers is fun, and now you can dress the part. Get a convict costume for your next Halloween event and be sure to have your partner or friend dress like the police.

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