Celebrate your country's heritage this Halloween with aColonial Costume. Dress as a colonial lady, pilgrim girl, founding father, frontier man, patriot and more. Don these outfits for Halloween, school plays and parades. You can also put them on for patriotic holidays. Dress as Thomas Jefferson on Independence Day, Betsy Ross on Flag Day or George Washington on Presidents' Day.

Hair was a status symbol back then so we have a number of wigs for you to wear. Men of the upper class wore periwigs, which were shoulder-length and pulled back into a pony tail. Some women wore wigs as well but most just styled their own hair, often adding bows. Girls kept their hair covered with hats and hoods. We have several styles of hoods available for purchase as well as colonial hats, pilgrim hats and more.

Colonists came to North America for many reasons. For some it was to escape religious persecution. For others it was to earn money and have a better life, while still others just had a sense of adventure. The first successful colony was founded in Jamestown, Va. in 1607. The Pilgrims arrive in Plymouth, Mass. in 1620. People came from many places to settle in the colonies, settlers included the Welsh, Germans, Dutch, Spanish and French. By 1770, 13 North American colonial were held by Britain and an estimated 2 million people lived there.

Put on a Colonial America Halloween costume and transform yourself back to the time when the melting pot was just beginning.

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