Transform into one of history's most powerful women rulers when you slip into a Cleopatra Costume for Halloween. Our selections include beautiful Egyptian styled gowns for girls and women. Our girl costumes are designed with kids in mind, while our teen styles are a little more mature but still age appropriate. Our adult options include several sexy outfits that can mesmerize any Roman, including a slinky long dress, a mini-skirt length dress and a two piece halter-top and skirt. We also have plus size women's styles and even Marc Antony costumes for men.

When she was 18, Cleopatra became queen and pharaoh of Egypt at the death of her father who had declared his daughter and son Ptolemy XII joint rulers. The queen wished to rule on her own but her brother and his supporters did not stand for this and she was forced to flee. When Julius Caesar arrived in Alexandria, Cleopatra knew he could be a valuable ally. She had servants smuggle her in a carpet to Caesar. She tumbled out of the carpet and asked the Roman leader for aid. He became entranced with her; they became lovers, he helped her regain her rule and she bore him a son.

After Caesar's death, she became allied with another Roman, Marc Antony. They married and had three children. Their great love was doomed, however, and after Cleopatra heard of Marc Antony's death, she killed herself.

Slip into one of our Cleopatra Halloween costumes and become this intoxicating woman who was able to seduce two of Rome's most powerful men.

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