If you want to dress in aCircus Costume for Halloween, check out our outfits for ladies and gentlemen and children of all ages. Clowns, ringmaster, lions, elephants and other circus animals are just some of the disguises available for men, women, boys, girls, infants and toddlers. We even have sexy and plus style selections for adults. For the finishing touches, you want to browse our accessories section, which contains makeup kits, clown socks, jewelry and more. We also have clown hats and masks. If you want to mix a little fright with your fun, we have some creepy clown masks to scare your fellow partygoers. To strike further terror into guests' hearts, purchase our scary clown props.

Circus Costumes - Spanky Stripes Women's Clown Costume

Spanky Stripes Women's Clown Costume

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Circus Costumes - Lil Elephant Costume for Infants

Lil Elephant Costume for Infants

Our Price: $31.49
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Everyone loves the circus. It's full of funny clowns, daring acrobats and incredible, sometimes dangerous, animals, and is emceed by the ringmaster. It's a playful choice for Halloween and other occasions, especially for families or groups of friends who want to coordinate their looks. You can dress as a clown for a child's birthday party or other kid's event. Just put makeup on sparingly as some children can become very frightened of heavily made up clowns. Another perfect time to wear our outfits is on World Circus Day, the third Saturday in April. It's a special day for families to celebrate the circus by going to one, throwing a party, creating your own or just putting on a clown outfit.

If you want to dress like a carny, order a Circus Halloween costume today.

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