Cheshire Cat

Dress in a Cheshire Cat costume and become this instantly recognizable character. The Cheshire Cat is famous for being able to disappear, leaving only a grin. You won't want to disappear, though. This mischievous cat is too much fun to be.

Cheshire Cat Costumes - Disney Wonderland Cheshire Cat Set

Disney Wonderland Cheshire Cat Set

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Cheshire Cat Costumes - Cheshire Cat Infant Toddler Costume

Cheshire Cat Infant Toddler Costume

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The Cheshire Cat was one of the strange creatures Alice met in Wonderland. She saw the cat a few times--or didn't see the cat thanks to it's disappearing act--during her adventures. Sometimes the cat would seem to try to confuse her with strange conversations, but other times it helped or even cheered her up. The Disney version of Alice in Wonderland is the source for the purple striped version of the Cheshire Cat that is now so ingrained in our culture that everyone knows the look.

Dress your little girl in a plush Cheshire Cat outfit and she'll look adorable. It's the perfect Halloween or dress-up costume for a girl who likes mischief. Pair her with a big sister in an Alice dress and they will sure to be a big hit. Turn into the cat without dealing with a whole costume by just wearing ears and a tail. A purple and pink set of cat ears on a headband plus a big fluffy matching clip-on tail can make any aged girl a Cheshire Cat without a lot of work. A little bit of purple face paint will really complete the look.

If mischief comes easy for you, there are teasing sexy adult costumes. You'll be a different kind of Cheshire Cat, and nobody will want you to disappear. Short skirts, tight and slinky outfits, and subtle accessories can make you into one seductive cat.

This popular character appeals to people of all ages. Whether it's your little girl on Halloween or you on your way to an adult party, a Cheshire Cat costume can really be something special.

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