Holy feline outfits Batman! We've got a number of Catwoman Costumes for Halloween. Selections include black jumpsuits with eye masks or headpieces for girls and women, including women's sexy costumes. If you do not need an entire set, you can purchase just a cat mask, headpiece or cat suit. We also carry wigs and an accessory set that includes claws.

Catwoman Costumes - Women's Plus Batgirl Costume

Women's Plus Batgirl Costume

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Catwoman Costumes - Sexy Women's Catwoman Wig

Sexy Women's Catwoman Wig

Our Price: $25.97
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Catwoman Costumes - Catwoman Deluxe Goggles Sexy Mask

Catwoman Deluxe Goggles Sexy Mask

Our Price: $21.99
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Catwoman Costumes - Black Romper Sexy Adult Costume

Black Romper Sexy Adult Costume

Our Price: $34.99
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Catwoman is portrayed as a very sexy villain or anti-hero, so if you slip into one of these outfits, be prepared to show off some of your sultry self. In the 1960's TV series she was seductively portrayed by Eartha Kitt, Julie Newmar and Lee Meriwether; in Batman Returns, she was portrayed by Michelle Pfeiffer; Halle Berry took the role in Catwoman and Ann Hathaway became the character for The Dark Knight Rises.

Listed as one of IGN's Top 100 Comic Book Villains of All Time, she is a thief - a cat burglar - often stealing from organized crime figures and other heavies, but does not harm or kill people. She is also Batman's love interest and frequently an ally. In the Dark Knight Rises, she initially helps the villains take over Gotham City, but when she sees what the city has become, she regrets it and helps Batman get the city back.

A popular character in the Batman universe, she first appeared in the comics in 1940. Her creators wanted Batman to have a complex love interest and over the years, the brooding hero has made attempts to reform her. Make sure to browse through our Batman selections to find a complementing outfit for your man.

Be a pretty kit when you slip into a Catwoman Halloween costume. Meow.

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