What do Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Darth Vader all have in common? They all wear capes! Think about it: capes are such an essential element to all of their uniforms. There are tons of characters who wear capes - some good, some evil - some for function and others just for fashion. So take a look at our awesome collection of capes and wear one of these costumes or accessories to your next Halloween event, theme party, or comic book convention.

Like we said, some superheroes, villains, and other characters wear capes because they serve a functional purpose. For example, wearing a cape can help conceal weapons and provide warmth or coverage without binding the person. Wearing a cape also allows someone to do that cool thing where they pull the cape across the front of their face really quickly and then they cut to the next scene. Superheroes such as Batman wear capes that have special functions that protect him from fires and sometimes even gunfire, as seen in some of the Batman comics and movies. There are also instances where capes can act as a parachute or a flying apparatus that helps the character glide through the air rather than drop like a hunk of meat.

Some characters wear capes just because they look cool when they are running or flying. For example, Superman's cape does nothing special, neither does Robin's or Darth Vader's. Other types of characters who often wear capes include magicians, witches, vampires, Spartan warriors, and of course, Elvis.

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