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Prophecy: Zombie 2011

Have you spent hours dreaming about the zombie apocalypse? Do you have a plan ready for when the swarm comes knocking on your door? Wish and plan and dream no more, because Prophecy: Zombie 2011 gives you a chance to live out a simulated zombie apocalypse. Bring your friends, pack up some zombie costumes, and enjoy a weekend of fighting off the undead.

Here’s how it works:

Prophecy: Zombie 2011 is a monstrous gathering of individuals who wish to play a game yes, a game that simulates a realistic zombie apocalypse. But they don’t play a video game or a board game. They play as themselves. This kind of game is known as Live Action Roleplying, or LARPing, and everyone involved is a player. Some play as the zombies, but others play as the survivors. Each player has a personality, desires, motives, skills, and much more, which they are to use to survive for as long as possible. Given that the event takes place over two days, you will have more than enough time to get your fill of zombie apocalypse action.

To give you a quick visualization of what LARPing is like, here’s the LARPing scene from the movie Role Models:

Of course, instead of a quick Medieval battle, Prophecy: Zombie 2011 challenges you to survive for two days. You will be hunted, you will be forced to flee during the night, and you will feel absolute fear. This is not your grandmother’s game of shuffleboard this is a truly horrifying, and absolutely entertaining, experience.

From the Prophecy: Zombie 2011 website: Prophecy: Zombie 2011 is a game designed to get you right into the action and hopefully keep you on your toes throughout the event. In this game, a character’s death is permanent. If your character dies, you are welcome to come cast for us. If your character becomes infected and turns into a zombie, you’re pretty much drafted into the hordes of flesh-eating undead.

If you are still not convinced that this could be an amazing experience, here’s a video of a zombie apocalypse LARP session (Not associated with Prophecy: Zombie 2011):