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The End of Times: Goodbye Zombie Appreciation Month

Before we say our so longs to the sorrowful month of May, we have one day to finalize our zombie lust. I have searched, I have scoured, and I have rummaged through the Internet garbage to bring you some jewels of undead enjoyment. From a zombie beach party to a rudimentary anti-zombie blade-throwing slingshot, here is the last and final day of Zombie Appreciation Month:

Countless individuals have dedicated their lives to creating gruesome machines of death and destruction, but something about this next invention screams accidental decapitation. The video is titled Shooting Circular Sawblades With The Slingshot, and it is absolutely full of amazing. (Skip to 2:20 to see the damage it can cause to a watermelon.)

If you are wondering why this is part of the final goodbyes of Zombie Appreciation Month, let me reiterate the name of the video: Shooting Circular Sawblades With The Slingshot. It is “The Slingshot,” not “A Slingshot.” This is something he is proud of creating, proud of showing off, and proud of wielding like a watermelon mass murderer. When the bullets run out, this guy is fully prepared to launch sawblades into the decaying flesh of the undead. (For the Half-Life fans out there, this guy went to Ravenholm, conquered it, and came back to ready the world.)

However, I thought about something while watching this video: what happens if the slingshot backfires, like the melon incident from the Amazing Race.

(Side Note: I love how the blond lady is initially too stunned to do anything. Did that melon just ruin that lady’s face? Yes, yes it did, and it was hilarious to watch in both slow-mo and regular speed.)

Anyway, let’s move away from homemade death machines and toward a lighter, more joyfully undead time.

On May 28th, Asbury Park, New Jersey, held the first ever zombie beach party, equipped with zombie costumes, games, and make-up. Attending individuals walked up and down the Asbury Boardwalk during the Memorial Day weekend celebrations. If someone arrived at the party without the proper zombie make-up, professional make-up artists were on site to work their zombifying magic. Here are some pictures from the event:

zombie beach party

zombie beach party

zombie beach party

zombie beach party

Happy Zombie Appreciation Month!

While we’re already eleven days into the month of May, we are not too late to start enjoying this month’s dedication: zombies. May is Zombie Appreciation Month (Google it, if you want to check), and I have all of the juicy information you need to properly celebrate your ghoulish love for the undead.

  • Zombie Blood

No Zombie Appreciation Month is complete without a bit of Zombie Blood. While the green, oozing liquid may seem disgusting, it actually contains enough energy to keep your running just faster than the person next to you.

Zombie Appreciation Month

  • Zombie Jerky

Produced by the same company that makes Zombie Blood, Zombie Jerky offers you a nutritious undead snack. Instead of hunting down your own Zombies, skinning them, and drying out their flesh, now you can get it all in one easy package.

Zombie Appreciation Month

  • Twinkies

If Woody Harrelson in Zombieland taught the world anything, it is that Twinkies are to be the world’s last delicatessen. No matter the amount of zombies, no matter the social degradation, Twinkies will remain, and they will continue to remain. In fact, I don’t think people make Twinkies anymore. They procreate through budding.

zombie appreciation month

  • Zombie Entertainment

You cannot appreciate Zombie Appreciation Month without the proper form of entertainment. Me? I’m reliving the zombie love of my childhood:

Zombie Appreciation Month
Every day without my Super Nintendo is a sad day.

There are also countless shows, movies, and comic books set in the undead world. My personal favorites are The Walking Dead series (Read the comic first, then watch the show), Shawn of the Dead, and 28 Days Later. Turn the lights off, then watch or read them alone.

  • Zombie Costumes

Come on, it’s Zombie Appreciation Month there is absolutely no better excuse to put on a zombie costume and go shuffling the streets of your neighborhood. Since we stock every kind of zombie you could imagine, you can find your perfect undead match. And I do mean every kind of zombie you could imagine. For example, here’s an undead sushi chef. Yeah, go ahead and try to top that one.