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The Walking Dead Blood Drive Sweepstakes

Wondering how you could end up on an all-expenses-paid trip to The Walking Dead‘s filming set? Read on, we’ll tell you. But if you win, you better be equipped with some The Walking Dead costumes.

Season three of The Walking Dead returns on October 14, just in time to satiate one’s pre-Halloween zombie desires. Fans of the original comic will be relieved to know that finally finally the television show has made its way to the iconic prison, where character Michonne and The Governor are expected to join the story.

However, even though the third season has yet to hit mainstream television, AMC has announced that fans can expect a fourth season to follow, with an unannounced release date.

Actor Andrew Lincoln on the set for the show’s third season.

As promoted on the official The Walking Dead website, AMC joined forces with the American Red Cross, creating an event titled The American Red Cross Zombie Blood Drive. The event claims that giving blood can help save lives during the zombie apocalypse. (A na¯ve statement, as giving blood could increase exposure to the zombie infection, e.g. a pre-outbreak infected individual gives blood, thus passing on the infection to someone who has not received a bite, causing the unbitten to become a zombie. Panic and hysteria ensues.)

Regardless, while giving blood is a great cause, it is clear that AMC’s intentions are not merely to have the mass public suddenly feel overwhelmed with generosity for giving blood to strangers. No, this public media attention grab also serves to showcase their The Walking Dead sweepstakes, which is free and open to everyone over age 21, even those individuals unwilling to donate blood.

The sweepstakes offers one lucky fan a chance to win a grand prize opportunity for a three day/two night trip to The Walking Dead fourth season filming set. The trip includes round-trip airfare for two yes, two people, hotel accommodations, ground transportation to and from the filming set, ground transportation around the city located near the filming set, and $500 spending money.

Not bad. But you better hurry to enter, the sweepstakes ends October 24. Click here to enter the sweepstakes.

Halloween Night Event: The Walking Dead

AMC wants to be on your Halloween night schedule, hoping folks will follow the evening’s celebration in front of the TV, for the premiere of the long-awaited “Walking Dead” series at 10:00 PM.

Click to Watch the Official HQ Walking Dead Trailer!

My initial reaction, honestly, was that October 31st seems kind of late. I was hoping the show would launch earlier in the month, though I’m not sure where I got the idea that it would. Then the question: is the target demo going to be home in front the TV on Halloween night? The show is anticipated enough that a lot of people will make sure to be now, but it’s not on everyone’s radar yet. Of course, I say that before they’ve blitzed the trailer during “Mad Men” and “Breaking Bad.”

In any event, it’s a Sunday night; the biggest parties will be going on Friday and Saturday. Actually, the more I think about it, the timing sounds just about right: prepare the feast, do trick-or-treats, visit the neighborhood haunted house, and cap off the night with “The Walking Dead” premiere. Not bad!

Of course, this is all the more reason to have a zombie theme this year–and naturally Fright Catalog has all sorts of props, costumes, and zombie accessories for the big day!