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Girl mistaken for skunk at Halloween party is shot by relative

That’s the title of the LA Timesarticle reporting on the incident, and it’s too wild to change.

I mean, you can’t make this stuff up: A little girl wearing a black-and-white Halloween costume was mistaken for a skunk and shot by a relative at a party, reports the LA Times.

Apparently the 9-year-old girl was wearing a black hat with a white tassel and hiding over the edge of a hill outside the house where the party was taking place when she was spotted by a relative. The relative then fired a shotgun at the girl, believing her to be a skunk.

If the girl were dressed in a skunk costume, would the relative have confused her for a black hat with white tassels?

Before anyone goes getting upset, the little girl was hit in the shoulder and was alert and talking when brought to the hospital. She appears to be doing fine, though she may have some mental scars associated with Halloween and black hats with white tassels.

As for the relative, police are not sure if charges will be filed. However, police did say that the relative had not been drinking alcohol.

But news of the incident sparked more than just shock at the girl’s accident: many have used the incident to speak about gun and animal rights. After all, this relative found it totally acceptable to use a shotgun on what he believed to be a skunk. Even if it were a skunk and not a little girl, is that kind of firepower necessary? Did the relative really have to shoot the skunk?

More importantly, how bad are this relatives eyes?

Also, some individuals questioned the wisdom of pulling out a loaded gun at a gathering with children, states the LA Times.

I picture the hat similar to this one, just with white frills instead of black.

How anyone can mistake a 9-year-old girl in a black hat and white tassels for a skunk, I have no idea. Why someone would shoot a skunk with a shotgun, I also have no idea. Its all kinds of crazy.

What we should take away from this situation is that safety should always be of an utmost importance. Halloween should always be about fun and entertainment, but we all have to do our parts to ensure it stays that way.