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Top 6 Greatest Signature Horror Weapons

#6 – The Tall Man’s Spheres

While not the most popular horror character, The Tall Man utilizes a unique method of killing victims: flying spheres. Each sphere contains the brains of a dead body, in addition to various lasers, drills, saws, and other surgical weapons. The spheres zip and fly through the air, and when they find a victim, they attach tools to the victims forehead, drilling into the victims brains, killing them.

The Tall Man also has several superhuman powers, including superhuman strength and telekinesis. All in all, The Tall Man is a devastating horror character, one that is under-appreciated and underrated.

#5 – Jigsaw’s Traps

Out of all the horror icons on this list, none match the intelligence of Jigsaw and his traps. No other character works so hard to kill their victims, while leaving them a chance for freedom/redemption. The morbid creativity of Jigsaw’s traps feature unique and complicated death machines, equipped with knives, acid, electricity, and other deadly items. Jigsaw specializes in instilling agonizing emotional misery, which involves broken limbs, shredded eyeballs, squashed heads, torn ribs, and even more painful experiences. Sure, some victims escape and continue to live their lives, but Jigsaw always leaves an impression, both on the victim and the audience.

#4 – Michael Myers Kitchen Knife

While not as glamorous as other killing utensils, the kitchen knife is a powerful weapon when wielded by Michael Myers. Right from his introduction in the 1978 film Halloween, Michael Myers is seen favoring the kitchen knife over all other brutal means of killing people. Film after film, Michael continues returning to that faithful instrument, and countless posters and movie stills feature Michael and his trusty knife. Some horror icons enjoy flashy, over-the-top Halloween weapons, but Michael is a down-to-earth killer who loves to be close enough to his victims to use a kitchen knife.

#3 – Jason Voorhees Machete

Appearing as a hallucination in the first Friday the 13th film, Jason Voorhees revolutionized the way people viewed the machete, his signature weapon. Longer than Michael Myers kitchen knife, the machete gives Voorhees the utility needed to hack through bodies, doors, and Amazonian jungles. Combine the machete with Voorhees eventual superhuman strength, regenerative powers, and near invulnerability, which were added in Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives, and this horror icon is an unstoppable killing machine.

#2 – Leatherfaces Chainsaw

Introduced in the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Leatherface is a mass-murdering psycho who wields a chainsaw. Gunnar Hansen, the man who portrayed Leatherface, stated that Leatherface is completely under the control of his family. He’ll do whatever they tell him to do. He’s a little bit afraid of them. After Leatherface takes the chainsaw to his victims body, he keeps the remnants and divvies them out to his family members. The bones are used to build the inside of their house, while the human meat is processed for barbecue and chili.

A roaring chainsaw is horrifying enough, but knowing the end result could see you made into minced chili is even worse.

#1 – Freddy Kreuger’s Bladed Glove

Wes Craven, the creator of Freddy Kreuger, said in an interview, Part of [the glove] was an objective goal to make the character memorable, since it seems that every character that has been successful has had some kind of unique weapon, whether it be a chain saw or a machete, etc. I was also looking for a primal fear which is embedded in the subconscious of people of all cultures. One of those is the fear of teeth being broken, which I used in my first film. Another is the claw of an animal, like a saber-toothed tiger reaching with its tremendous hooks. I transposed this into a human hand. The original script had the blades being fishing knives.

When Jim Doyle, the actual creator of the bladed glove, asked Craven what he wanted, Craven said, It’s kind of like really long fingernails, I want the glove to look like something that someone could make who has the skills of a boilermaker.

Add on Kreuger’s signature ability to kill victims in their dreams and this horror icon is far from being forgotten. The beauty of this weapon is its simple design: a glove with attached blades. It’s stranger than a mere knife, machete, or chainsaw, but it’s still frightening simple, unlike Jigsaw’s complicated puzzles. Portable and deadly, Kreuger’s bladed glove is the most memorable