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Ghost Towns from Around the World: Friday San Zhi, Taiwan, and Katoli World, Taiwan

Today, we are traveling to Taiwan for a doubleheader of ghost towns San Zhi and Katoli World. San Zhi, as you will soon see, is a strange and oddly experimental resort for the rich and famous, with building resembling UFO ships. Katoli World, on the other hand, was once an amusement park that brought joy to thousands, until an earthquake struck and the park was shut down for safety reasons. Regardless, lets go on a trip!

San Zhi, Taiwan

San Zhi
San Zhi.

Construction on the UFO homes began in 1978. It was supposed to be a gimmicky vacation resort for U.S. military officers on leave from their Ease Asian postings. Unfortunately, the project was abandoned in 1980 due to lack of financing and several accidental deaths. After the deaths, rumors spread amongst the locals that San Zhi was haunted by the workers who died building these extremely unique homes.

San Zhi
More San Zhi UFO houses.

As the years passed, the buildings felt the effects of nature and neglect, and no one restarted the project. Since it was originally started by the Government of Taiwan, they tried to cover up the failed attempt at bringing life to the area and eventually started demolition work in 2008. There is no current word as to whether or not the UFO houses are still standing there today. These pictures may be the closest we will ever come to experiencing San Zhi.

San Zhi
View from inside a San Zhi UFO house.

You can see a Google Maps view of the location here.

Katoli World, Taiwan


All week we have seen various ghost towns from around the world, but what about ghost amusement parks?

Katoli World
Katoli World entrance.

Katoli World was no Disney World, but it was the first amusement park in Taiwan to host a roller coaster. It opened in the 1980s and met with moderate success. However, on September 21st, 1999, an earthquake struck the surrounding area of Katoli World and killed thousands of people. Some of the park was destroyed during the quake and it was deemed too expensive to repair the damage, so the park was closed down and abandoned.

Katoli World
Katoli World roller coaster.

Katoli World, a place of imagination and youthfulness, turned into a rotting, decaying jungle of rust and disrepair. But, before you go running out to find it, there are rumors that demolition has already begun. Some sources claim that Taiwan is building another Katoli World close to the original location, hoping to bring back the joy once more.

Katoli World
You can almost hear the joy.