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Presidential Halloween Masks: Obama Outselling Romney

Although the presidential election is still a month away, many costume companies believe the election has already been decided by the number of presidential-themed Halloween masks sold. To date, Obama masks are well in the lead over Romney masks.

The Huffington Post states, This year, Obama masks are outselling Romney masks by more than 30 percent… The site adds that numerous reputable Halloween retailers have monitored their presidential-themed mask sales over the years, with one company’s sales predicting the victor in the past three elections. If that’s true, it looks to be another term for Obama.

Need an Obama mask?

It makes sense: popular culture trends often dictate which Halloween costumes are In and which are Out. One can imagine seeing numerous superhero costumes come Halloween, especially those featured in recent successful full-length films, e.g. The Avengers and Batman. On the other side of this popularity coin, still using superheroes as an example, few individuals would walk the streets as, say, Black Bolt or the Thing. The lack of connection with mainstream audiences for the two previously mentioned examples can be seen by their lack of appearances on Halloween evening. The same goes for presidential candidates.

The presidential candidate that most connects with the mass public is reflected by the amount of masks sold by Halloween retailers. People want to wear the plastic face of a man they admire, not someone robotic and foreign.

Or a Romney mask?

Obviously, mask popularity is not universal. Some states prefer a specific individual’s face over another. For example, 100% of the GOP-themed Halloween masks sold in Alabama are of Paul Ryan, claims the Huffington Post, while Joe Biden leads the mask sales in North Carolina.

Now, let’s look back at some previous elections and their mask sales:

  • Bill Clinton outsold Bob Dole by 71% to 29%
  • George W. Bush outsold Al Gore by 57% to 43%
  • Bush outsold John Kerry by 65% to 35%
  • Obama outsold John McCain by 60% to 40%

There’s still time to sway the current Halloween mask sales percentages. Maybe you would rather see Obama’s numbers drop, or see Romney’s go down even further. Either way, your purchase could help predict this November’s winner. Choose wisely.