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Keith Thompson: Morbid Artist

Keith Thompson is a freelance artist whose work spans magazines, films, television shows, books, and videogames. To say that he is a talented artist would not do his artistic skill justice. Keith Thompson specializes in designing morbid creatures, twisted characters, and highly detailed undead monsters. Since we are still celebrating Zombie Appreciation Month, we will be focusing on the Undead section of Thompson’s work. If you wish to see other sections, click here to see Keith Thompson’s full website.

keith thompson

Every one of his drawings, illustrations, and pieces of art seem to have walked straight out of an absolutely horrible nightmare. They are sickening, they are intriguing, and they are beyond creative otherworldly would be the most appropriate term.

keith thompson

In addition to the creative artwork, Thompson’s website accompanies each picture with a blurb about the specific creature. For example, here is the description and picture of a Pripyat Beast:

When the secondary explosion occurred at the reactor, spewing an almost immeasurable torrent of radioactivity into the jet stream, surrounding locales could only survive long enough to form mass graves for their dead. The under supplied, unprotected and ultimately doomed clean up crews sent their overseeing emergency committee a flurry of distress signals and sporadic reports of beasts emerging from the piles of bodies on the outskirts of towns. These beasts were said to vary dramatically, and appeared to be sickening amalgamations of people and livestock.

keith thompson

While the photos alone are visually appealing, the introduction of these blubs adds a second level of detail. Now we have a back-story for each creature, which conveys a deeper feeling of dread and horror. It allows us to imagine what it was like for someone to succumb to undeath, or be mauled by one of these terrifying undead monstrosities.

keith thompson

For those who absolutely adore this kind of art, you can purchase prints of Thompson’s work on his website. Tack them to your walls, put them in creepy locations, or use them as Halloween decorations. Whatever you do, do not hang them over your bed.