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Juan of the Dead

Some 50 years after the Cuban Revolution, Cuba comes under a whole new kind of revolution: an undead apocalypse. Welcome to the basic premise of an upcoming zombie comedy, Juan of the Dead. Juan, a 40-year-old nobody that has led a life of doing nothing, sees a way to make money out of this newfound birth of undead abominations. Along with his lazy and idiotic friend Lazaro, Juan sets out to rid Cuba of the infected ones consuming what’s left of the population, as long as someone is ready to pay the cost for Juan’s services.

Using the zombie apocalypse as an overarching conflict, the movie is capable of exploring various human, social, and psychological issues. Alejandro Brugu┬ęs, director of Juan of the Dead, stated, ‘Juan’ gave me the opportunity to make things really difficult for Cubans [by] filling the country with zombies, which is in a way what we have become after all these years, but also gave me a leading character that could take a different option, that could stand and say, ‘I’m not going to allow this, this is my country, I love it and will stay to defend it after trying to make a business out of it and keep going with his life, off course.

Similar to the infamous British zombie comedy Shaun of the Dead, Juan of the Dead sets out to entertain, frighten, and enlighten audiences, along with blowing up skyscrapers:

I don’t know about you, but I’m very, very excited for a new zombie comedy, especially one from such an unlikely of places as Cuba. Plus, I hope Juan of the Dead takes a whole new spin on the traditional zombie costumes image. I mean, it’s about time that a new culture came into the zombie genre. Too many American hack-and-slash films have been forced down our throats, and now it’s time to enjoy a – hopefully – successful cult classic. Bring on the Juan!