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Brazilian Man Used Industrial Paint to Become The Incredible Hulk, But Paint Wouldn’t Come Off

Dressing up to celebrate the theatrical release of a film has become common practice. People cosplay as their favorite characters, showing off their fandom and appreciation for a specific story. But for Paulo Henrique dos Santos, a Brazilian pool attendant, using Hulk costumes or makeup to recreate his favorite superhero’s image was not enough.

Paulo Henrique dos Santos used industrial strength green paint, the kind typically used for ballistic missiles and nuclear submarines, to recreate the image of The Incredible Hulk. Later, when he tried to scrub the pain off, he realized that no matter how hard he scrubbed, the paint remained on his skin.

According to Brazilian site Globo Extra, dos Santos covered himself in the paint for a running event. He originally planned to use regular paint, but local shops were all sold out of the brand he wanted to use. This led him to discover the industrial strength paint.

After dos Santos realized the paint would not come off, pictures of his painted body hit the Internet, turning him into an overnight celebrity in the Vila Cruzeiro favela of Rio Janeiro. The most infamous, and hilarious, of the photos involve him and his mother double-teaming the paint.

To avoid potentially ruining bed sheets or mattresses, dos Santos slept in a room full of plastic bags. He also feared that the industrial paint would cause lead poisoning.

Thankfully, after a team of family members and friends scrubbed dos Santos for 24 hours, the paint finally came off and dos Santos is back to his normal self. It seems that dos Santos’s attempt to recreate the Incredible Hulk made him an incredible individual in the process.