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Halloween Expo 2012

Hello Fright Fans,

As stated on our Facebook yesterday, the FrightCatalog gang is down here in Houston, Texas, covering Halloween Expo 2012. But since we’d be nothing without our faithful customers, we want to share the experience with you! So, here’s the first update of the convention:

The Expo opened at 8 AM, but they wouldn’t let anyone in until 9 AM, so we all just stood around for an hour. Nothing really happened. Some people mingled, attractive models in skimpy costumes walked through the crowd, and that’s pretty much it. Here’s a video of the entrance:

Once inside, I wandered over to the California Costume Collections booth, where I found this astonishing vampire mask and wings costume:

Yup, the wings move on their own. It blew my mind how cool these would be to wear around. Technology is definitely entering the Halloween industry, and I cannot wait to see what else is in store.

Also in the California Costume Collections booth were these Get Your Zombie On! costume kits:

Each kit includes the necessary makeup and accessories to transform your face into a ghoulish horror, as seen on the models above the displayed kits. Simple, easy-to-apply, and perfect for any zombie-loving Halloween fan.

But enough about California Costume Collections and their sweet products. I wanted to find some high quality weapons, and the Charades booth definitely delivered:

As you can see in the video, I squeezed the hell out of that foam hammer and it didn’t budge an inch. A Charades representative said they make the weapons specifically to give the wielder some heft, because “lightweight weapons don’t feel awesome enough.” The hammer, for example, has a metal rod running through the handle. No cheap materials, no unsatisfied customers, that’s the way to run a Halloween business.

Next I set my sights on the Forum Novelties booth, but I barely made it away from Charades when this terrifying attraction caught my attention:

That’s a 15′ clown costume worn by the president of Beyond Sales. The costume is fully moveable – wrists, arms, head, back, legs – and the president claims to have snowboarded down a mountain while wearing it. On the table is a DVD player showing clips of him rollerblading around Vancouver, Washington.

Then I finally made my way over to Forum Novelties, where they showed me their latest line of Halloween monster masks:

I had a good laugh when I saw the Obama mask at the end of the line. A political monster is still a monster, I guess, depending on your views.

And lastly, while heading away from the booths to write up this post, I stumbled upon what I can only call the “Demon Baby Ring of Death”:

So, that’s it for now, Fright Fans, but there will be plenty more coming up later today and tomorrow. If you want to see anything specific, like more vampire or zombie stuff, drop us a comment and we’ll check it out.