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At first glance Villisca, Iowa seems like any other middle class Midwestern town.  But Villisca has a macabre history that many townsfolk would just as soon forget. If you go to Villisca and you know where to look, you will find an old white house nestled along a residential street.  This house is different than other houses [...]

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While ghosts make great Halloween props, they don’t make the best housemates. Individuals sharing their space with a ghost often experience hallucinations, headaches, illness, feelings of dread, and even sudden death. But there could be a more easily explained reason for these sensations and ghastly sightings. Rather than looking toward the paranormal, we now look [...]

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Since February 23rd, 2010, the National Geographic has been hunting down and documenting paranormal activity in the television series Paranatural. Whether it is a haunted house or a mountain range, they have been scouring for strange occurrences. Unlike most Youtube videos and other questionable ghost sightings, the National Geographic tends to utilize professional equipment and [...]

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In 1991, the New York Supreme Court, Appellate Division, held the case Stambovsky v. Ackley, where it was determined that a house publicly marked as ‘haunted’ can bring down the value of that house, and the current homeowner must inform any subsequent purchasers of the house’s haunted state. Before you go wondering about how a [...]