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Pimp Out Your Pet for Halloween

Big Daddy Dog Halloween Costume

I’m not much of a dog person — the whole picking up poo and carrying it around thing doesn’t do it for me — but I think, if I had a dog, I’d dress it for Halloween. I know some people think it’s cruel, but really? Any dog doted on enough to be dressed in a dog Halloween costume probably has a pretty sweet life.

Some of the coolest pet Halloween costumes in the Catalog this year:

Monkey Dog Rider Pet Halloween Costume

This fez-wearing dog-riding monkey is amazing. Amazingly freaky!

Star Wars Princess Leia Dog Halloween Costume

Whoever came up with the idea to design dog costumes so that it looks like the dog is a tiny human is truly twisted. I think the officially licensed Star Wars Halloween costumes are the most hilarious, but if you’re more into Wonder Woman, Indiana Jones, Batman or Shrek, those styles are available, too.

Taco Dog Halloween Costume

The hat makes it.

Zelda Bouffant Dog Halloween Costume

Not convinced that your average dog would actually wear a wig and glasses any longer than it might take to snap a photo, but something tells me that, if I had a dog, I’d try and find out if he would.