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57 Mummies

Posted: 24th May 2010 by Holly in Halloween News
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In honor of the 57 newly-unearthed Egyptian mummies, I’m calling today “Dress Like a Mummy Day.” Don’t tear up all your white sheets–check out these costumes in the Fright Catalog shop: Arguably the coolest of all the mummy items in the store, the Universal Studios Mummy Mask is a realistic latex over-the-head mask of Boris [...]

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It’s almost Mother’s Day and as usual you are running out to get a last minute gift. You are combing the Hallmark isles and sifting through the picked over “I love you Mom” section. You run to the flower section where all that is left is thirty dollar half dead daisy bouquet. Your own baby [...]

Babies: Other Uses.

Posted: 7th May 2010 by Cara Maria in Halloween Fun
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Ok so maybe the babies for dinner blog didn’t exactly sit well in your stomach (pardon theĀ  pun). So…being the fair and liberal journalist that I am, I tried to think of other possible uses for babies, perhaps something a little more politically correct. I couldn’t do it. Babies are bald, puffy, bite sized old [...]