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Bullockornis: The Demon Duck of Doom

Approximately 15 million years ago, in what is now known as Australia, there lived the bird Bullockornis, which stood approximately 2.5 meters (8ft 2in) tall. The flightless bird, now extinct, is believed to have weighed up to 250kg (550 lbs). The bird featured a skull with a large beak, ideal for shearing, which indicates the bird may have been carnivorous. According to Wikipedia, The birds skull is larger than that of many small horses.

Bullockornis statues, Kings Park, Western Australia.

Many paleontologists believe that Bullockornis was related to geese and ducks. This generic relationship, in addition to the birds tremendous size and skull beak, is why Bullockornis eventually received the nickname The Demon Duck of Doom.


Imagine one of these primordial creatures chasing you down a block, or using their massive beak to tear open your chest. After all, they were carnivorous, and standing approximately eight feet tall, there are a few creatures who would have taken on a flock of these birds.

That’s a fear you don’t see featured prominently in Halloween props: avian. More haunted houses needed to follow in Alfred Hitchcock’s footsteps. That man understood what it meant to use birds to scare audiences. If anyone uses birds in their haunt, let me know, because I demand more avian!