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Angels Fans Break Guinness World Record for Costume Masks

On May 10th, 2011, roughly 25,000 Angels fans broke the Guinness World Record for most costume masks worn at one gathering. The previous record of 250 masks was blown away, and this new record is going to be one hell of a challenge to break.

angels guinness masks
Angels fans wearing masks for the Guinness record.

The Angels have always been a gimmicky team, with their thundersticks and Rally Monkey, but this definitely tops the charts. The event was planned by John Rozak, a marketing associate for the Angels, who hired teams to hand out costume masks to attendants entering Angels Stadium. Somewhere around the fifth inning there was a countdown to a 10-minute period of time when the masks would be worn and the record would be officially recorded. Coincidentally, the 10-minute period occurred as Howard Kendrick hit a double, leading the Angels 6-1 over the White Sox.

If the score wasn’t bad enough for White Sox moral, the sight of 25,000 Angels fans wearing the same costume masks must have been horrifying. Better luck next time, White Sox?

The costume masks section is relatively new to the Guinness World Records. When asked about it, Amanda Mochan of Guinness said, As long as something is measurable, breakable, and interesting, then we’re definitely open to taking a look at it. And this [event] fits all of those criteria.

A brief look at the official Guinness World Records website brought me to this interesting record: Gerold Weschenmoser of Germany owns more than 5,385 different masks, as of March 2010. He has been collecting costume masks since 1957. If anyone plans on breaking that record, they better start stocking up on costume masks, because you have a long way to go.