Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2, Now Out On DVD

A face only a mother could love

Michael Myers in Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2

Hey Halloween fans! For those who haven’t heard, Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2 has just been released on Blu-Ray and DVD. Immediately following the events of the first movie, Michael Myers continues to chase after his little sister, Laurie Strode, killing anyone in his way. While not his best work, I think fans of Michael Myers and Rob Zombie will find this gritty, gory film well worth it. If nothing else, get ready to see brand new Michael Myers masks and costumes this Halloween, straight from the silver screen.

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New Year, New Costumes

With the holidays behind us, and a whole new year beginning, we can finally take a moment to relax…and start working on this year’s Halloween costume! It’s never too early to start thinking of costume ideas and getting all the pieces together for something great. If you are looking to go as something classic this year, why not consider looking into Scary Clowns?

A staple costume in the Halloween world, Scary Clowns provide opportunity for endless variety. In addition, these costumes can be as simple or complicated as you like, while still looking the part of a Scary Clown. When tackling a costume like this, there are a few different avenues to take depending on the amount of time/effort you can spend, how much you money want to spend, the look you are going for and what’s available to you in your area.

The most important part of any Scary Clown costume is the face. While most costumes require some sort of elaborate clothing to pull off a look, Scary Clowns focus attention to the face, typically with make-up or some sort of mask. For those willing to experiment, and have the time to do so, make-up is the way to go. Before looking at what make-up you might need, always try to draw out the face you want or find a picture of a Scary Clown you want to recreate. From this you will know what colors you are looking for, as well as what you might need to apply it all. Regardless of what you decide on, you will always want to start with a Clown White Creme Foundation. You can apply it thick, to get a traditional clown look, or apply it thin so the make-up looks old, worn and cracked. With creme foundation in place, figure out a plan to apply your other colors and patterns. Use whatever make-up applicator you want, although foam wedges seem to work best for this sort of make-up work. If this is your first time trying this out, or if the Scary Clown face you want is particularly complicated, make sure to practice applying before Halloween. Make-up is a great tool to use, but can take some time getting used to. For those who do not have the time or desire to deal with make-up, a number of Scary Clown masks exist for your Halloween needs. Ranging from creepy to grotesque, Scary Clown masks can be found at brick and mortar stores, as well as online. Make sure to purchase early, especially if ordering online, to ensure the mask fits and looks the way you want. Nothing is worse than wearing a mask you cannot see or breathe well in.

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Halloween Mask used in Robbery

Once in a while you hear of Halloween masks being used to disguise criminals in a robbery. Then I wonder if they used a mask they bought, or stole from us.

Here is a look at the robber clown mask used in the Dark Knight movie.

Halloween Gifts for Christmas

Some people may think it’s weird to get a tombstone for Christmas, but we know better. Over the years our hardcore Halloween customers are adding Halloween decorations, masks and costumes to their list for Santa. Imagine waking up Christmas morning and under the tree sits one of our ghoulish props staring back at you. Well that’s become a reality as more and more of our customers are ordering and getting Halloween decorations for Christmas.

Post Halloween Cool Down

I hope everyone had a great Halloween. Our neighbors had a little get together for the adults and kids. After some pizza and witch finger hot dog treats we set out with the kids for some trick or treating. Parents with the cooler and kids with the candy we set out on a perfect night. Lots of great Halloween decorations all over the neighborhood. House to house we went with flashlights and glowsticks illuminating the scary night.

Back home we counted and consumed the candy. Ordered Hocus Pocus on pay per view and went to bed in our coffins with a candy induced coma. Can’t wait for next year!

Crazy Week Over At Fright Catalog

Wow, what a crazy week its been. The season is upon us and I’ve been working non-stop to be a part of it. Between getting Fright Catalog back online, looking over new product and listing items on eBay, I’ve hardly had time to update this blog. Well, there is a lot of exciting news to tell, so lets get to it!

  • Fright Catalog Going Back Online

That’s right ghouls and ghosts, Fright Catalog will be re-launching this week with new product for the 2009 Halloween season. Make sure to check us out for all your costume needs this year, as we continue to be the best online store for Halloween!

  • Ghost Droppings: A Community For All Things Creepy

Looking for great Halloween ideas this year? If you haven’t already, come check out Sponsored and run by your friends at Fright Catalog, Ghost Droppings is a place where the Halloween community can come together to share ideas, read articles, post pictures and be part of a great, ever growing community.

  • Fright Catalog Still Going Strong at eBay

For those of you who haven’t heard or checked it out, Fright Catalog has been posting hundreds of brand new items every week on our eBay Store. With the 2009 season on top of us, we need to make more room for this years stock. This means amazing savings for you, and more room for us to store our new stock. So come on by and see what we have for auction!