9…10… never sleep again.

Deluxe Freddy Krueger Overhead Latex Mask

He’s baaaack.

Seems like Freddy just won’t die. He’s come for another round of terrorizing teens and audiences alike.

Ms Krueger Naughty Nightmare Adult Costume

The latest Krueger appearance is in the new movie “A Nightmare on Elm Street” scheduled to drop in theaters Friday, April 30th. The movie is based on characters from the 1984 Nightmare that we all grew up with. Sadly, there will be no Johnny Depp in this one. Instead, we get a cast of some seemingly familiar faces. The teens come together due to similar experiences concerning Freddy. As each starts to die off, it becomes critical to find out why they are being targeted and what they can do to stop it… before it’s too late.

To celebrate the movie…and creep people out in theaters, Fright Catalog has you stocked on all things that go bump in the night. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, take your lady to the theater in matching costumes. Children will scream and movie goers will applaud. Show up a little early and get yourself ready for an inevitable photo session.

If instead, you just want a little creep in the theater, get one of our famous Freddy claws and prepare for spine tingling fun. Go with a large group of friends or just your innocent lady friend, and keep your claws hidden. When the opportunity strikes you put on your hand and tap your friends on the shoulder using your best snaring growl. They will jump 5 feet out of their chairs! Pick a moment when the suspense is so thick you can cut it with a knife… or finger blades.

Freddy Kruegers Glove

If you are perhaps the most devious of them all. If you decide you really don’t mind if you lose a friend or two. Wait til everyone gathers after the movie for drinking and games. Let them drink their fears away. When you feel the time is right, turn off all the lights. Slip on your mask and Freddy glove…. and….well… you know. Bring the movie to life. The screams will echo and people will run. You just gave them a night to remember. They should be thankful.

Every day is Halloween. Live in the dark with everything that slithers and snarles. Fright Catalog has everything you need to fight the vampires… or become one. You can raise the dead… or walk among the living dead. Raise a cup and open your eyes, because the devils crawl until the sun does arise.

Pleasant Dreams.

Your Halloween Harlot- Miss Cara Maria


Technology has broken the final frontier, everywhere in our modern lives we are exposed to modern technology. There seems to be no escape from it even if you wanted to. Its bad enough that it hounds you at work, at home, even your play/relax time is most likely festooned with some type of techy gadget. The new fangled stuff cooks our food, operates our cars, controls every aspect of your day to day life, now it will even follow you to the grave.
When you go to visit the dear departed in the future you will just hold your cell phone next to the marker and you will be able to see and hear your loved one from beyond the grave.



Mailbag Madness

From time to time we get letters from our customers. Most are people requesting catalogs or placing an order. Some people even send us nice letters letting us know they were happy with their FrightCatalog.com shopping experience. We also get some jail mail.

Then sometimes we get letters like this.

We did the author a favor by editing out his info. I am having a hard time believing that this kid even wants to write this letter. His teacher assigned this homework and he was just banging out a letter to get it done. Are you really hating on sexy costumes? If there are no sexy costumes next Halloween you might as well just cancel it.

Halloween Hotties – Kim Kardashian

So you think you rocked your Halloween costume last year? Well send us your pics and we may post them on our blog. We might even do a Halloween hottie calendar down the road. Of course Kim was looking hot in our Wonder Woman costume this past Halloween.

Send your pics to service@frightcatalog.com if you think you’ve got what it takes.

Haunted House Show

This video is just a taste of some of the new goodies FrightCatalog.com will be carrying for 2010. These oversized costumes are extreme. When you put them on they make you look over ten feet tall. Inside the body of the costume you actually wear a baseball helmet that allows you mve the costumes head left and right. There is also a harness inside that basically straps you into these costumes.

a costume like tis is for the extreme yard haunter or professional haunted house. You could also purchase one of these costumes as an investment. Think about it. You will win every costume contest in a 50 mile radius.

Zombie Beauty

gothic zombie girl

This poor thing is one hot mess, but it’s a cool Halloween costume. The dark gothic bride, the brooding mood. When high fashion and hell meet it can create some stunning visuals. The hair and makeup alone must have taken hours. So if you are going to get a costume like this for Halloween make sure you have plenty of time on your hands to get ready. After all getting that “just dead” look can take soem time.

New Halloween 2010 Costumes Added Every Day

So we’ve been working really hard getting ready for Halloween 2010. The spookiest holiday of the year is coming soon and we will have a bunch of new products ready to scare the living daylights out of trick or treaters all over the country. Some of my favorite new Halloween items for 2010 are this spooky skull, and this adult werewolf costume. What are some of your top Halloween Costume Ideas for 2010?

Love Is In The Air

With Valentine’s Day only a couple weeks away, the holiday is in full swing with candy being bought, flowers being picked and love letters being written. While many couples are making reservations for two, more and more every year are instead attending, or planning, Valentine’s Day parties for couples. From a casual get together to an elaborate Valentine’s Day ball, couples are dressing up; not for dinner, but for a costume party!

Valentine’s Day costume parties, like other costume parties, usually follow a theme for invitations, decorations and, of course, costumes. While Valentine’s Day parties are not limited in the themes they use, many typically incorporate couples or sexy into the theme they select, sometimes both. This can make costume selection not just fun alone, but fun with your significant other.

When looking at couples costume for your Valentine’s Day party, try to find something which is fun for both you and your significant other. If you’re looking for ideas, why not try some classic Valentine’s Day couples costumes? There is the regal king and queen, the spooky vampire and vampira, the classic Adam and Eve or the hilarious Plug and Socket costume. Regardless of your selection, make sure to find a costume pair both you and your significant other will enjoy and fits the theme of the Valentine’s Day party.

For more mature and adult Valentine’s Day costume parties, sexy costumes can be fun and a great way to strut your stuff! Spanning a variety of genres and styles, a sexy costume can be found for any costume party theme and for either sex. For the women, consider being a naughty school girl, a sexy nurse, an innocent angel or a mischievous fairy. For the men, look at being a rough ridin’ cowboy, a mysterious magician, a lecherous devil or a playboy millionaire. No matter what your choice, choose a costume which you are comfortable in and let’s you have fun during Valentine’s Day.

Got any ideas for a Valentine’s Day costume you want to share, or a Halloween topic you want us to write about? Feel free to drop us a comment below or share your idea with our community site at www.ghostdroppings.com.

Celebrating Mardi Gras In Style!

With only a month until Mardi Gras, there isn’t much time left to get ready for the biggest party of the year! Originally a simple celebration the day before Lent, Mardi Gras has grown into a full blown extravaganza, complete with parades, parties, costumes, performers, masquerade balls and plenty of sweets. So, whether you’re headed to the New Orleans celebration, throwing a traditional King’s Cake party or attending a masquerade ball, Mardi Gras is a time to enjoy life to the fullest. For all those participating, here are some helpful tips on what to wear during Mardi Gras, so you can join in on the fun!

If you’re celebrating Mardi Gras on the street, either at home or afar, be prepared for a color explosion! Colorful and decorative costumes are the choice of the day, typically in the traditional colors of Mardi Gras (green, gold and purple). In addition to costumes, you’ll also find plenty of people just adding a few accessories to join in on the fun. Masks, beads, makeup and anything else appropriately colored will fit right in with the Mardi Gras theme. Just look at your local Halloween store for what they have, or check online. So live a little and add some flair to what you’re wearing for Mardi Gras!

Aside from the excitement and partying of Mardi Gras in the streets, this holiday is also known for it exquisite and extravagant masquerade balls. If you’re lucky enough to receive an invitation, or just happen to be throwing one, you’ll want to make sure you dress to impress. Masquerade balls are typically formal, black-tie affairs, but the real fun comes from the masks. A long standing, Mardi Gras tradition, masks are worn to conceal your identity so you aren’t restrained by who you are, but instead only by what you want to be. Masks come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and styles, each designed to conceal and decorate the person behind it. While many make their own Mardi Gras masks, those without time or artistic skill will find plenty of masks available for sale. Just check out your local Halloween store or shop online. Regardless of where you get a mask, be sure to find one you like and truly reflects your Mardi Gras spirit!

Got any ideas for a Mardi Gras costume you want to share, or a Halloween topic you want us to write about? Feel free to drop us a comment below or share your idea with our community site at www.ghostdroppings.com.

Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2, Now Out On DVD

A face only a mother could love

Michael Myers in Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2

Hey Halloween fans! For those who haven’t heard, Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2 has just been released on Blu-Ray and DVD. Immediately following the events of the first movie, Michael Myers continues to chase after his little sister, Laurie Strode, killing anyone in his way. While not his best work, I think fans of Michael Myers and Rob Zombie will find this gritty, gory film well worth it. If nothing else, get ready to see brand new Michael Myers masks and costumes this Halloween, straight from the silver screen.

Love or hate the movie? Drop us a comment and let us know.

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