Live in Sin? Come on in: Sexy Celeb Devils

It’s almost Halloween. The countdown is just about on. One of the most classic costumes for Halloween is of course the Devil. There are different variations of the old stand by so check out how these celebs made the devil their own.

Selita Banks- Victoria’s Secret Model. She knows how to pose. You can see why gets paid the big bucks.
Kate Beckinsale out with her daughter. I think she makes a hotter vampire then a devil, but nothing is stopping this hottie.
Nadia Bjorlin “Chloe” from Days of our Lives – she is looking a little WonderDevilwoman to me. But you can’t argue with hotness.
Rhianna…. what a twist on the typical devil style. Rhianna, you are a goddess.
Lady Gaga – but of course the Gaga rocks it like no other!

Jon Lovitz – classic.
Horny Hugh – This sexy devil gets all the babes. He no doubt throws the best Halloween parties around!

So what Devil defines you?

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Live in Sin? Come on In.

Halloween Harlot- Miss Cara Maria

Monster Cereals are back for 2010 — with a whole new look

Boo Berry's 2010 Cereal Box Photo: Holly Quinn

They’re back! Monster Cereals — Count Chocula, Franken Berry, and my personal favorite, Boo Berry — are in stock again for the Halloween season, and the look is all new. I picked up this box of Boo Berry yesterday, and wow! The style has changed pretty drastically from any of the Monsters designs we’ve seen before (outside of fan art, anyway). Boo has a more translucent look, and all three are looking more like characters on a modern Cartoon Network show than pure nostalgia.

I think it’s super cool, personally. What do you think?

This Weekend: Elvira’s Movie Macabre Returns

Elvira Deluxe Halloween Costume

Check your local listings for Elvira’s Movie Macabre, hosted by the one and only Elvira, Mistress of the Dark! The episode will feature the classic “Night of the Living Dead” and airs during the darkest hours on Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday, depending on your market (most markets will air it twice). Here in the Philly area, it’s on WPHL 17 —

It really is time to bring back Midnight Movies, don’t you think?

Pimp Out Your Pet for Halloween

Big Daddy Dog Halloween Costume

I’m not much of a dog person — the whole picking up poo and carrying it around thing doesn’t do it for me — but I think, if I had a dog, I’d dress it for Halloween. I know some people think it’s cruel, but really? Any dog doted on enough to be dressed in a dog Halloween costume probably has a pretty sweet life.

Some of the coolest pet Halloween costumes in the Catalog this year:

Monkey Dog Rider Pet Halloween Costume

This fez-wearing dog-riding monkey is amazing. Amazingly freaky!

Star Wars Princess Leia Dog Halloween Costume

Whoever came up with the idea to design dog costumes so that it looks like the dog is a tiny human is truly twisted. I think the officially licensed Star Wars Halloween costumes are the most hilarious, but if you’re more into Wonder Woman, Indiana Jones, Batman or Shrek, those styles are available, too.

Taco Dog Halloween Costume

The hat makes it.

Zelda Bouffant Dog Halloween Costume

Not convinced that your average dog would actually wear a wig and glasses any longer than it might take to snap a photo, but something tells me that, if I had a dog, I’d try and find out if he would.

Laughing in the Dark


I’m not sure if you young’uns remember Nickleodeon’s Are You Afraid of the Dark, but it was one of the most awesome shows of the early 90s. For those unfamiliar with it, the basic premise is that a group of preteens form a club, called the Midnight Society, and take turns telling scary stories around a campfire. Each show has a dramatization of the story being told.

As much as I loved the show, it had a tendency of giving me some pretty terrible nightmares. One of the episodes in particular stands out as being particularly creepy, due to its gratuitous use of carnival music and scary clowns. Here’s a synopsis of the episode provided by

“… The clown in this case, Zeebo, worked in a carnival during the Great Depression. Desperate for money (like every other schlub during this time), Zeebo stole the park’s payroll and hid out in the spookhouse. But Zeebo was careless with one of his cigars and the spookhouse caught fire; burning Zeebo to death. As a memorial to the thieving bastard, the carnival rebuilt the spookhouse and put a dummy of Zeebo inside, dooming the place to be haunted. Years later, Josh (Christian Tessier, who would go on to play Lt. Tucker ‘Duck’ Clellan on Battlestar Galactica) decides to prove how tough he is by stealing the red nose off the Zeebo dummy. Urban legend turns into reality as Josh is visited by the ghost of Zeebo. Everything works out in the end (seriously, where the hell does a 12-year-old purchase a box of cigars?) but not before some seriously scary shit goes down. Everyone remembers the laugh, the balloon, the phone call, and all the other nightmare-inducing tricks that drove many to check our closets before bed. It’s like the writer of this episode was pissed at his kids and decided to scar them and the rest of us for life.”

Things I learned from this episode (video below).

1. “It’s a spookhouse, lameball. It’s supposed to be spooky. You’d gotta be some kind of doofus to think it’s real.”

2. Do not be a ginger. Especially not a ginger who steals stuff from scary clowns.

3. Give it back. Always give it back.

4. Following any childhood dare will always lead to bad things.

5. Do not trust carnies. They will sell you out to their scary clown friends in an instant.

Have a look and tell me what you think. You might want to keep an extra clown nose around, just in case.

Laughing in the Dark, Pt. 1

Laughing in the Dark, Pt. 2

Laughing in the Dark, Pt. 3

You Too Can Be a Star Trek Zombie

If you haven’t seen the book trailer for Kevin David Anderson and Sam Stall’s “Night of the Living Trekkies,” it’s a blast (and yes, it’s a trailer for the recently released book, not a movie):

Click to view trailer on io9

Costumed Star Trek fans in the zombie apocalypse — what’s not to love? It’s inspirational, too. A Zombie Trekkie Halloween costume is twice the fun. Take your basic zombie makeup (liquid latex, pale/grey and black cream makeup, fake blood, maybe some scar putty), but instead of wearing your dad’s old shirt that’s been stomped on in dirt and ripped up, put on one of these:

Star Trek Next Generation Gold Shirt Deluxe Adult Costume
Star Trek Secret Wishes Red Dress
Spock Wig, with Spock ears and Star Trek 2009 Blue Shirt

Ghoul Out Your Windows for Halloween

When decorating the outside — or the inside — of your home for Halloween, it can be easy to overlook the windows. Don’t do it! A well-decorated window can make a big difference, turning your nice, lived-in home into the picture of a terrifying haunted house on Halloween.

Mummy Window

The Mummy Window decorations adheres to the inside of a pair of double windowpane doors, making it look like the mummy is trying to escape.

Cat Eye Window

This is the coolest, if you have windows on either side of your front door — or any pair of 60″ x 36″ windows — looks like a giant Halloween black cat is inside the house looking out!

Drips of Blood Splat

Stick-on blood splatter for your windows! Highlight these by hanging a white sheet and dirtied gauze behind them as a curtain. Some polyester spiderwebs wouldn’t hurt, either.

Black Widow Window

Black Widow Window (say that five times fast) is a dramatic Halloween window decoration that looks like a giant 3D spider crawling up the window. Heads will turn.

All available from

Angels of Death

My mom came to visit me in Hollywood from Boston this week. She is a registered nurse in the ICU at a General Hospital in my hometown. For some reason, having her around made me think of serial killer nurses.

Nurse Mercy Adult Costume

Nurses and doctors. We trust them with our lives. However, what better profession for sick individuals to get their rocks off in. If they are smart enough they can get their lust for killing satisfied but disguise it with medical overlay. They are dealing with critically ill patients anyway. Some serial killer types like to bring their patients to the brink of death and then magically “save them” so that they can get all the attention and glory for “saving a life”. Some like to push their patients that extra step to cross over to death and justify their actions by thinking that they are helping them die peacefully.

Night Nurse Nora Costume

Imagine you are in a hospital bed surrounded by various machines and pierced by needles and tubes running through your body. The nurse comes in and injects something into your IV. You assume it’s to make you feel better. Then you are overcome with incredible pain and you slip into and out of consciousness. What’s going on? You’ve been visited by one of the many Angels of Death that dwell in our hospitals today. She is taking joy from your pain. Being in charge of another human’s health and very life is the ultimate rush of control.

Here are some of the more famous Angels of Death:


Maria Gruber, Irene Leidolf, Stephanija Meyer, and Waltraud Wagner were Austrian nurses who worked at Lainz General Hospital in Vienna: Wagner (23) killed her first patient with an overdose of morphine in 1983. She found an overwhelming satisfaction in playing God. She recruited the other nurses and devised a new more “exciting” way to murder patients. One nurse would hold the patients head and plug his nose while the other would pour water in his mouth. The crime was unprovable since it wasn’t uncommon for elderly patients to die from fluid in their lungs. The nurses were caught when they bragged in a local tavern about their kills. They confessed to 49 murders over six years but may have been responsible for over 200.


Jane Toppan (1854 – 1938) – trained at Cambridge Hospital and even worked at the prestigious Massachusetts general Hospital. She was a “lust driven” serial killer. She experimented with different dosages of narcotics in patients and made up medical charts etc. to help get away with her deeds. She would lay in patients and hold their bodies to hers as they drifted in and out of consciousness before they would die. She derived sexual pleasure from being close to life as it was leaving the body. Jane eventually made a mistake which got her arrested. She confessed 31 murders to her lawyer and pleaded insanity. Jane spent the rest of her life committed to Taunton insane hospital.


Genene Anne Jones (born July 13, 1950) is a former pediatric nurse who killed somewhere between 11 and 46 infants and children in her care. She used injections of digoxin, heparin and later succinylcholine to induce medical crises in her patients, with the intention of reviving them afterward in order to receive praise and attention. These medications are known to cause heart paralysis and other complications when given as an overdose. Many children however, did not survive the initial attack and could not be revived. The exact number of murders remain unknown, as hospital officials destroyed records of her activities to prevent further litigation after Jones’ first conviction. Two murders put her behind bars for 99 years and 60 years on top of that but due to a prison overcrowding law in place at her time of conviction, she will be eligible for automatic parole in 2017.


Kristen Gilbert (born November 13, 1967 as Kristen Strickland in Fall River, Massachusetts) is an American serial killer who was convicted for three first-degree murders, one second-degree murder, and two attempted murders of patients admitted for care at the VAMC (“Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center”) in Northampton, Massachusetts. She killed her patients by injecting them with epinephrine, at the time a ward stock medication and a non-controlled substance, causing them to have heart attacks. Her goal was to bring patients to the point of cardiac arrest and then “save them” by demonstrating advanced nursing skills. She was convicted March 14, 2001 in federal court. She was sentenced to life in prison without the chance for parole plus 20 years.


Charles Edmund Cullen (born February 22, 1960) is a former nurse and the most prolific serial killer in New Jersey history. Cullen told authorities in December 2003 that he had murdered as many as 40 patients during the 16 years he worked at 10 hospitals in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Charles is serving eighteen consecutive life sentences in a New Jersey penitentiary. How was he able to go from hospital to hospital killing so many? Apparently, not one of those institutions gave Cullen a bad reference, or told other hospitals he was trouble. It amounted to a policy of “See no evil-speak no evil” one that gave Cullen, in effect, a license to kill.

Source: Wikipedia

There are unfortunately many more where this came from…

On the plus side though check out our “killer” collection of nurse costumes.

I love Zombie Strippers. (nsfw…obv)


How could you not love a hot undead zombie stripper giving you the lap dance of your life followed by eating your face off? Being eaten alive by a rediculously hot undead stripper zombie should be on a “Top 10 Most Awesome Ways To Die” list…. or Top 10 Things to Do Before You Die (literally)…..Maxim, get on that!

Let me introduce you to Jenna Jameson’s cult hit “Zombie Strippers” (2006). This is your perfect Halloween party flick. The movie starts out with a research experiment gone wrong. The government is at a loss of soldiers so they come up with a virus to reactivate the brains of the soldiers we’ve already lost. The experiment backfires. One soldier finds his way to an underground strip club where he bites one of the dancers. The dancers spread the virus to each other and gruesomely hot mayhem ensues.

I highly recommend this movie. There’s humor, horror, and topless dancing zombie girls. What more do you really need?

This article is my excuse to post hot pics of zombie chicks for my own personal enjoyment.

Give me my moment. Also, don’t forget to stock up on all your zombie goods at

Hornet Horror

Reason 1,203 why the Midwest is scary: The European Giant Hornet.

The European hornet was introduced to North America by colonists from Europe. It is almost twice the size of a regular hornet (about 1 1/2-2 inches), and are a reddish-brown color. Queens lay eggs in the spring and summer, and the new wasps mature by late summer and early fall (in other words, now). They are identified by their loud buzzing, which kind of sounds like a chainsaw cutting through a steel pipe. They are less aggressive than other wasps, but will attack to defend their nest. Where do they like to build their nests? Inside houses. Oh, and they are the only wasp or bee that comes out at night and during the day.

I discovered these existed the other night when I plucked one out of my hair. Thankfully, it was more concerned with flying into the wall than with stinging me all over my face. I’m thinking about getting this prop to teach them a lesson. Fighting giant bees with giant bees!