Stephen King Donates Aide for Maine’s Winter Heating Costs

International horror author and part-time Maine resident Stephen King has created a donation opportunity which would benefit Maine’s elderly and underprivileged residents. In collaboration with the three Bangor, Maine, radio stations, King announced over the airwaves that his goal was to raise $140,000 over the next few weeks.

Rather than ask for Maine residents to scratch up the $140,000 all by themselves, King is actually matching all of the profits donated to the cause. If Maine’s residents were to raise half of the total amount – $70,000 King would donate the rest.

The donation opportunity arose after federal funding cuts affected heating programs serving residents who are poor, disabled, or elderly. Rather than receiving the usual $55.6 million from the federal government, Maine only received $23 million.

This economy is terrible and Tabitha and I both worry so much about Bangor because it truly is a working-class town, King told Bangor Daily News. We are always looking for ways to help, and right now this is a great need.

As long as Maine’s residents open their wallets to their neighbors, even if it is only $1, Stephen and Tabitha King will help bring the donation home, literally.

Since Stephen King has helped inspire so many Halloween props and decorations, we wish him the best of luck with his charitable endeavor. (He may even see an anonymous donation from a certain Halloween superstore.)

Ray Villafane and His Pumpkin Art

So you think you can carve pumpkins? Sure, I thought the same thing, too. I did some tracing of a design, cut chunks out without cutting myself, and totally stuck a candle in the hollowed bowel – classic pumpkin art. This, though, took my breath away: Ray Villafane, an artist from New York, carved up one of the world’s largest pumpkins, creating a scene of zombie bursting forth from the pumpkin’s belly.

Check it out:

Top 5 Spookiest Halloween Vehicles

Halloween is speeding its way toward us! The chill is in the air, the costumes are prepped, and the candy is anxiously awaiting its display for passing ghouls. To accelerate the time and expedite Halloween’s arrival, here is a list of the top 5 spookiest, creepiest, most entertaining Halloween vehicles, gathered from movies, books, and cartoon shows.


1941 Chevrolet COE Truck One – Jeepers Creepers

Love it or hate it, Jeepers Creeps is an entertaining horror film. I once watched it on a portable DVD player, in the middle of the desert, under a blanket of stars. Coyotes howled at one point, made me jump. Not sure if I jumped because of the movie or because there were coyotes in the desert. Regardless, the Jeepers Creepers truck is a horrifying spectacle, one that I would never want to see out of my rear-view mirror. It’s smoking anus of brimstone and hate, boiling onto my bumper with a repetitious pounding a heartbeat of hell.


The Munster Koach The Munsters

Featured in over twenty episodes throughout The Munsters’ two-year television lifespan, the Munster Koach is an iconic Halloween vehicle that mystifies as much as it entertains. The vehicle was built from three different Model T bodies, and the whole thing measured approximately 18′ long. When I was a young sprout, my dad let me stay up late, way past my mom’s dictated bedtime, and we’d laugh as the Munsters got into all sorts of trouble. The changing staircase was the coolest part, what with it rising and turning into a slide. Of course, I didn’t love it as much as this family: Sandra and Charles McKee of Waxahachie, Texas, built a fully livable re-creation of the Munsters home.


1955 Peterbilt 281 Tanker Truck – Duel

Stepping it up from the Jeepers Creepers truck, this Peterbilt 281 was the featured star of the 1971 film Duel. The film focuses on David Mann, a middle-aged man traveling on a two-lane highway in the California desert. David Mann finds himself chased, teased, tortured, hassled, and nearly killed, on numerous occasions, by this Peterbilt. If you’re anything like me, you get anxious when you have to speed past a tanker on the highway. My mind yells, Don’t merge into me. Don’t merge into me. Having one purposely try to ram you off the road, that’s terrifying!


1966 Chevrolet Sportvan 108 Scoopy-Doo

No Halloween vehicle list is complete without the addition of the Mystery Machine. Crammed with four strange adults and a talking dog, this car has seen some adventures. From combating swamp monsters to old men dressed as ghosts, the Mystery Machine is always first on the paranormal scene. Between 1990 and 2002, Universal Studios Florida had a working Mystery Machine that drove around the park. Jinkies!


1958 Plymouth Fury – Christine

The Mystery Machine’s cool. The Jeepers Creepers truck is scary. The Munster Koach is creative. They’re all great cars, honestly. But when it comes to true terror, true fear, no one does it better than Stephen King, which is why Christine makes the top of our Halloween vehicle list. The car kills people, drives itself, and self-repairs any damage. Christine clings to an owner, changing the individual into a cynical abomination of their former self. No other vehicle can top the horror induced by this seemingly innocent Plymouth Fury.

This is how you do Halloween

With Halloween dropping next week, the ghoulish cheer is definitely in the air. People are showing off their Halloween costumes, decorating their homes, and getting their pets on display. To ensure that you stay up-to-date on the latest Halloween information, heres todays best Halloween pictures and videos:

Halloween Light Show – Party Rock Anthem:

Snooki Costume:

halloween snooki

Halloween Costume Illusions:

Including The Newborn Baby:

halloween spider

Tank Dog Costume:

Firing The Tank Dog Cannon:

AT-AT Walker Costume:

halloween costume

Time for those last minute Halloween costumes!

Halloween is only 10 days away, which means its time to start whipping together some homemade Halloween costumes. While we cannot provide you with the exact goods to create these costumes, we can give you the pop culture inspiration to create some unique outfits. So, lets stop talking and start watching some hilarious videos!

Fan dressed as referee:!

Not only is this costume unique, easy to put together, and affordable, but it is also hilarious. Lets say youre attending a Halloween party. Sometime during the night, strip off your shirt, blow a whistle, and start some referee hand signals. Plus, this easily leads to a night of streaking, (which we cannot officially condone, but we would officially laugh at any video of you streaking).

The fan Beyonce made sing on national television:

Continuing the theme of fandom, this costume captures that awkward moment when you realize that youre now that girl. Carry around a microphone, or make your own, and frantically flail your arms at people passing by. When they turn toward you, shake a camera at them and say, OooooOOOOoooOOOOoOoOOOOoOoooo

Ringo, the Umbrella Player:

Just watch Ringo during this video. He plays the hell out of that umbrella. Imagine all of the photo opportunities you can interrupt with this costume!

All right, Ringos too funny not to show another video. Here he is riding a stationary bicycle while the rest of the gang makes music: (Skip to 0:35)

80s Workout Woman:

I believe this was before the advent of Botox, so shes trying to exercise the wrinkles out of her face. But it looks like shes spitting demons out of her eyeballs. Either way, I want to see someone wearing this as a Halloween costume.

Shards of Glass Cupcakes, and Other Delicious Treats

Halloween is only a few weeks away! Hopefully you have your Halloween decorations already up, because now is the time to focus on baking delicious treats. Cupcakes, candied apples, brownies, and all sorts of sugary goodness is essential for a Halloween party. And to save you the panic of searching for recipes, here are some inspirational photos, and one gory recipe.

Shards of Glass Cupcakes

As the name suggests, these cupcakes look to have fallen through a window. However, that’s not real glass sticking out of those cupcakes. It’s homemade sugar glass, which is edible and absolutely delicious. Here’s how you make it:


24 cupcakes (any kind), frosted (with canned or homemade frosting)

Sugar Glass:

Nonstick spray

2 cups water

3 1/2 cups sugar

1 cup light corn syrup

1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar


14.5 oz can of dark cherries in water (water, not syrup)

1/4 cup superfine sugar (you can find this in the baking aisle)

1/2 teaspoon lime juice

1 Tablespoon cornstarch

To Make the Glass:

Line a large cookie sheet with foil and spray with nonstick spray. You want to spray the pan at least 30 minutes prior to using it.

Mix together the water, sugar, corn syrup and cream of tartar in an old saucepan and bring to a boil with a candy thermometer inserted. Let the mixture boil, stirring continuously, until it reaches 300 F. Pour the mixture very quickly and carefully into the lined and oiled pan and let cool.

When the mixture has cooled completely, carefully pop it out of the pan and peel off the foil. Tap it in the center with a hammer or meat mallet to crack it into shards.

To Make the Blood:

Pour the can of cherries (with juice) in a food processor or blender and mix just enough for the cherries to be mostly broken up but not completely smooth. Pour the cherry mixture with the rest of the blood ingredients into a heavy saucepan and heat on medium. Slowly bring to a boil, stirring constantly.

Reduce to a simmer and heat until the cherry mixture has thickened. Allow to cool.

Spoon a blob of “blood” on the center of each cupcake. Dip an edge of a “glass shard” into the blood and insert in the center of the blood.

Need some more inspiration for delicious cupcakes? These photos should be more than enough to get your brain juices flowing:


Women, would you be a sexy fruit?

Halloween gives women a chance to be as skanky, sexy, or slutty as they desire, but some Halloween costumes are absolutely strange. Sexy mustard is a perfect example. When I think sexy, I do not think mustard. If anything, I think fruits, because theyre sugary, soft, and easy to bite into, and the juices flowing out of the fruit mimic the blood flowing out of a freshly killed wom never mind.

So, I need to ask my audience:

Men, would you find a sexy fruit or condiment costume attractive?

sexy keg

The sexy keg costume, full of sexual innuendo.

sexy banana

The sexy banana.

Women, would you wear a sexy fruit or condiment costume?

sexy ketchup

The sexy ketchup, because it…goes…great…on meat?

sexy watermelon

The sexy watermelon.

There are so many sexy Halloween costumes on the market, but corporations are running out of ideas. Next year we’ll see sexy bedside tables, sexy Alaskan crabs, sexy plastic dinner plates, and so forth. If you’re like me, this lack of creativity is a Godsend. I’m looking forward to sexy bus stop bench, but only if it comes equipped with stale gum and homeless urine stench.