Horror Films in 30 Seconds…with bunnies.

That’s right todays topic involves cartoon bunnies recreating your favorite films, all within a 30-second time-frame. The creator of these 30-second bunny films is Jennifer Shiman, who is the sole creative talent voices, art, animation, story-boarding, writing behind the short films. She even recreates the scary costumes the original actors wore during the film. Dedication meets art, mixed with bunnies.

While the bunnies got their start as a small solo project, they have exploded into an Internet phenomena, attracting more then 25,000 unique hits every day. All of this popularity caught the attention of Starz Entertainment Group, who purchased the films and moved the bunnies to mainstream media. (If you subscribe to Starz, you may have seen these 30-second segments every now and again.)

Here are some 30-second horror recreations using Jennifer’s bunnies:

Evil Dead II



The Shining

The Exorcist

Texas Chainsaw Massacre



Twilight: New Moon

While Jennifers bunnies have recreated countless popular films, we are only showcasing the horror recreations. If you want to find more 30-second bunny films, click here: Angry Alien.

Evil Dead Remake: More Horror Than Humor?

Not every horror film is designed to make you cringe beneath a shower of blood and gore. Some simply want to make you laugh, while showering you with blood and gore. The Evil Dead series, the inspiration for so many Halloween props, is a perfect example of a horror comedy done right, and now the original Evil Dead is scheduled to see a remake.

Thats right Sam Raimis original Evil Dead film is set to see a remake well, actually, the movie officials are calling it a reimagining, not a remake.

Whats the difference?

A remake would mean an exact copy of the original film, just updated for modern audiences. But a reimagining means the directors / writers can alter the original story. In this case, the Evil Dead reimagining will have no Ash no Bruce Campbell. (A recent release of news states that Bruce Campbell will have a small cameo, not a major role, at the end of the film.)

evil dead remake
We’ll miss your crazy face, Ash.

Here’s the current cast of characters set for the reimagining:

David (Ash’s replacement) Hero, sibling to Mia, married to hot chick.

Mia David’s sister, fighting a drug addiction, suffers from death of her and David’s mother.

Eric David’s friend, cocky.

Plot synopsis: The characters travel to the infamous cabin in the woods from the original Evil Dead, when a storm forces them indoors. Eric finds the Necronomicon and convinces the others to read passages from it. Mia begins to go nuts. The other characters assume its just her suffering from drug withdrawals. But then something moves outside the cabin.

evil dead remake2
The original cabin of death.

Director Federico Alvarez claims the film will focus more on the horror of the original Evil Dead, straying far away from the comedy of Army of Darkness and Evil Dead II. Part of this stray can be seen with the replacement of Ashs character. If fans of the original Evil Dead saw an Ash character, they might expect the humorous Ash they fell in love with from Army of Darkness. This new hero, David, allows for a focus on the horror. We’ll have to wait and see how this choice turns out.

The release date of the Evil Dead reimagining is scheduled for April 12, 2013.

Zombies from Outer Space!

In an attempt to combine irony, humor, and horror, Martin Faltermeier wrote and directed Zombies from Outer Space, a film as strange as the name suggests. Using a low budget and lots of cheap Halloween props, the film is set to steal the indie film circuit.

zombies from outer space

The film takes place in Bavaria, during the late fifties. The main character, Maria, stumbles upon the dead body of a woman. The local authorities are then tasked with solving what obviously appears to be a murder case. But as more and more dead women are discovered, along with sightings of unidentified flying objects, the local populace grows unruly. Somehow, this leads to undead aliens arising from the earth, killing lots of people.

I could continue talking about how the film is only available in German, with English subtitles that are more wrong than right; or how the aliens can speak, even though theyre supposed to be dead; or how the romance subplot comes off as forced and odd. But thats all irrelevant, because even with these faults, I’d pay money to witness a Bavarian village fending off undead aliens.

Stephen King Donates Aide for Maine’s Winter Heating Costs

International horror author and part-time Maine resident Stephen King has created a donation opportunity which would benefit Maine’s elderly and underprivileged residents. In collaboration with the three Bangor, Maine, radio stations, King announced over the airwaves that his goal was to raise $140,000 over the next few weeks.

Rather than ask for Maine residents to scratch up the $140,000 all by themselves, King is actually matching all of the profits donated to the cause. If Maine’s residents were to raise half of the total amount – $70,000 King would donate the rest.

The donation opportunity arose after federal funding cuts affected heating programs serving residents who are poor, disabled, or elderly. Rather than receiving the usual $55.6 million from the federal government, Maine only received $23 million.

This economy is terrible and Tabitha and I both worry so much about Bangor because it truly is a working-class town, King told Bangor Daily News. We are always looking for ways to help, and right now this is a great need.

As long as Maine’s residents open their wallets to their neighbors, even if it is only $1, Stephen and Tabitha King will help bring the donation home, literally.

Since Stephen King has helped inspire so many Halloween props and decorations, we wish him the best of luck with his charitable endeavor. (He may even see an anonymous donation from a certain Halloween superstore.)

Ray Villafane and His Pumpkin Art

So you think you can carve pumpkins? Sure, I thought the same thing, too. I did some tracing of a design, cut chunks out without cutting myself, and totally stuck a candle in the hollowed bowel – classic pumpkin art. This, though, took my breath away: Ray Villafane, an artist from New York, carved up one of the world’s largest pumpkins, creating a scene of zombie bursting forth from the pumpkin’s belly.

Check it out:

Top 5 Spookiest Halloween Vehicles

Halloween is speeding its way toward us! The chill is in the air, the costumes are prepped, and the candy is anxiously awaiting its display for passing ghouls. To accelerate the time and expedite Halloween’s arrival, here is a list of the top 5 spookiest, creepiest, most entertaining Halloween vehicles, gathered from movies, books, and cartoon shows.


1941 Chevrolet COE Truck One – Jeepers Creepers

Love it or hate it, Jeepers Creeps is an entertaining horror film. I once watched it on a portable DVD player, in the middle of the desert, under a blanket of stars. Coyotes howled at one point, made me jump. Not sure if I jumped because of the movie or because there were coyotes in the desert. Regardless, the Jeepers Creepers truck is a horrifying spectacle, one that I would never want to see out of my rear-view mirror. It’s smoking anus of brimstone and hate, boiling onto my bumper with a repetitious pounding a heartbeat of hell.


The Munster Koach The Munsters

Featured in over twenty episodes throughout The Munsters’ two-year television lifespan, the Munster Koach is an iconic Halloween vehicle that mystifies as much as it entertains. The vehicle was built from three different Model T bodies, and the whole thing measured approximately 18′ long. When I was a young sprout, my dad let me stay up late, way past my mom’s dictated bedtime, and we’d laugh as the Munsters got into all sorts of trouble. The changing staircase was the coolest part, what with it rising and turning into a slide. Of course, I didn’t love it as much as this family: Sandra and Charles McKee of Waxahachie, Texas, built a fully livable re-creation of the Munsters home.


1955 Peterbilt 281 Tanker Truck – Duel

Stepping it up from the Jeepers Creepers truck, this Peterbilt 281 was the featured star of the 1971 film Duel. The film focuses on David Mann, a middle-aged man traveling on a two-lane highway in the California desert. David Mann finds himself chased, teased, tortured, hassled, and nearly killed, on numerous occasions, by this Peterbilt. If you’re anything like me, you get anxious when you have to speed past a tanker on the highway. My mind yells, Don’t merge into me. Don’t merge into me. Having one purposely try to ram you off the road, that’s terrifying!


1966 Chevrolet Sportvan 108 Scoopy-Doo

No Halloween vehicle list is complete without the addition of the Mystery Machine. Crammed with four strange adults and a talking dog, this car has seen some adventures. From combating swamp monsters to old men dressed as ghosts, the Mystery Machine is always first on the paranormal scene. Between 1990 and 2002, Universal Studios Florida had a working Mystery Machine that drove around the park. Jinkies!


1958 Plymouth Fury – Christine

The Mystery Machine’s cool. The Jeepers Creepers truck is scary. The Munster Koach is creative. They’re all great cars, honestly. But when it comes to true terror, true fear, no one does it better than Stephen King, which is why Christine makes the top of our Halloween vehicle list. The car kills people, drives itself, and self-repairs any damage. Christine clings to an owner, changing the individual into a cynical abomination of their former self. No other vehicle can top the horror induced by this seemingly innocent Plymouth Fury.

This is how you do Halloween

With Halloween dropping next week, the ghoulish cheer is definitely in the air. People are showing off their Halloween costumes, decorating their homes, and getting their pets on display. To ensure that you stay up-to-date on the latest Halloween information, heres todays best Halloween pictures and videos:

Halloween Light Show – Party Rock Anthem:

Snooki Costume:

halloween snooki

Halloween Costume Illusions:

Including The Newborn Baby:

halloween spider

Tank Dog Costume:

Firing The Tank Dog Cannon:

AT-AT Walker Costume:

halloween costume